It is been said that all the breathing exercises that somebody finds in "western" affected practices of yoga tantrism and other methods are just a bunch of crap
Which have been "scouted" from various eastern scripts and testaments.

Misunderstooded and falsy translated to a tragic degree in the best case,
Plotted corrupted and misplased on purpose the most common case,
Always to the profit of hypocrisy stupidity and a lot a lot of coin of course.

And the most common case is damage of the lungs by exercises which are used as a
part of a whole ceremony or approach to life
and by themselves or together with the "fashionable" yoga of the west literally offer nothing to the eyes of the one who is not fooling him self.

So truths about breath.

Every person who wakes up in the morning should take a cup of water (maybe with some salt in it or not) and bring his nose in it and inhale from it.and then spit it out from the nose.

First thing that somebody is going to notice is that he can breath a lot easier.
Most of the people believe that happens because of the instant shock on the touch
of the ichmoria with the water but the reality is that most of the people remain with the Respiratory Tract half open.
It is been said that the Respiratory Tract has to stay as open as possible in order to
absord as much "prana" (according to the tibetanism) or ether (according to greeks)as possible.
It is also been said that most of the diseases of the breathing system are coming from
problematic breathing and less from habits like smoking.
Also people who swim a lot have quite less breathing problems.

Now the most vital part.
Instead of change of a breathing pattern the person should consider that the secrets of the breath lie elsewhere.

Infact somebody can simply concentrate on his breath as a mechanical function of the body.
It is been said that very very quick,infact quicker than any other form of meditation the mind can be very quick tuned with the breath giving extraordinary results.
Results that somebody with the simpliest attention can notice.
And as more percistence is going to be given in this simple technique as better the results should be.

Infact it is been said that the secret behind the phenomena of levitation
hides in a very deep concentration and a strong will around the breath function.