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      Rumors.An exercise that demands a lot of luck.

      Now there is an exercise that belongs to the fourth way a wave that got solid more than hundred years ago and has it's origins in the native american indians the eleusinians mysteries in greece and to tantric teachings.
      a teaching simple and often stolen and misunderstooded in a horrible degree.

      As we fail to objectively see ourselves without reactions controlled
      By recordings which start even from our time in the belly of our mother,
      as traumas can occur even there as psychiatry claims in occassions of some bright doctors who returned to the pain of the birth even behind that,a constant stream of
      projections start without our will present.

      Infact in our beginning of our lives we seem to get even more and more complexities
      which occur as these recordings get always increased till the point that every
      man which feels just aware of himself realizes he cannot even change that.

      So one for a start should always seek the way to get released from the ways himself
      always putted him and seek the simple practice which going to maybe come over it.

      So in order for somebody to realize himself action should be taken in order to put a brake on this as to the most suspicious the idea that they are missing from themselves
      from the present time is going to be created.Sort of like everything they do is mechanic.

      This happens only because these recordings and attachments are keeping him constantly from the present time.
      And these recordings are over complexed.
      Imaging a panel with many many switches turned on.
      And as more switches somebody is pressing downwards as more follow.

      And the simple exercise occurs.
      One should constantly observe him self by creating an image Sort of like he looks himself in a fixed (not camera which constantly switching places).

      No immediate result is going to occur.

      This exercise is based on sheer luck and only.

      There is going to be a point after a lot of effort when the random image is going to be the actual image of the person.

      At this point the mind is moving in the present time by accident and comes over it's
      And then a feeling like the deja vu is coming for a very very short period.

      Progress is always slow and as the person get's used to this exercise he or she going
      to be able to see the self from more "angles" some people even try more "cameras"
      on themselves.

      A very good step is somebody to do that when he's having a conversation with other people and when he's talking he's going to have maybe the luck to realize that his speech is mechanic.

      That is because the most immediate tool of these recordings is the speech by itself.
      It is been said infact that to the people that got over the web of these recordings,
      speech got revealed to them as a tool of materialization.
      A very rare thing to happen.

      Subject of this is for the person to remember him self again.

      As more and more CONSTANT effort will be given to this exercise the person maybe is
      going to come closer to himself.

      Infact it is been said that techniques like yoga are created in order to put these switches busy by the body so person can see himself.

      But that western rubbish not going to work
      because yogi are people who are using yoga as an approach to life
      and not for two hours three times per week or every day ect.
      But even for a yogi target is not to stretch himself followed by the myth that energy is released in the body,which even if it happens the person is going to consume her in seconds.
      Target to him is through the body to keep his reactive instinct busy till maybe fings a second or two away from apathy.
      Thing that even to most commited yogi's can fail easy as the mind constantly is getting used to everything.

      If somebody wants to make himself angry and uncomfy he can just cross his fingers
      in the opposite way that the one he is used to.

      So after a person is going to realize that his voice and other people's voice is the enemy of his,as these recordings are getting overcomplicated by speech

      he is gonna learn to isolate himself from the talking for a start and then observe himself better.

      Infact it is been said that to the people who managed to get repeated results from this exercise this process is not longer nessesairy as the idea of themselves is going to
      remain for bigger amounts of time.

      Infact some people managed to get fully aware of themselves even in their sleep.
      This exercise belongs strictly to the fourth way and cannot be confused or used to as a practice with anything else.

      Good luck

      Oh i forgot

      Some tantric techings focused on the sexual include this exercise as part of masturbation
      which the person focus around himself as third person
      for reasons of release of the libido.
      Overuse of masturbation can use on the effect of hair in the palms accidents even temporarily blindness.
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