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      Unhappy A weird,cold and scary unexplainable feeling with no ability to control dreams anymore?

      i'm not sure this is the right place to discuss this so hopefully i didn't break any guidlines.
      it's a mind-killing feeling that hits me every now and then and usually as light as i can bare it but recently it started to haunt me every night after sleep when io wake up with no dream recall.
      it's like something dies inside me assisted with a cold feeling (like a sudden body temprature drop) and a unrecognizable fear.
      after i had 2 lucid dreams i couldn't have one anymore and everytime i do try to DILD i wake up with this feeling.
      any further info woill be gleadly provided.
      (note: i tried WILD 2 times: 1st one happened accidentally and smoothly and 2nd one ended up with a numb mind and blank dream image)

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      First, are you on any meds? Especially anything for anxiety or depression? Those can mess with you, give you a mind numbing sensation.
      Second, even though I'm not typically religious I do believe in spirits and spiritual attacks, do you pray? If you do then you should try praying before you sleep for protection of your mind etc. If you don't pray or believe in anything you may feel you can turn to for spiritual protection then I would suggest you try protective visualizations. Look them up on youtube or whatever but I the temp drop and feelings of fear are not to be ignored.

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