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    Thread: Mahoogie's Workbook

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      Mahoogie's Workbook

      A New Beginning.

      I have an old workbook on here, but I would like to start from scratch. I use to be really into this whole LDing thing, but I lost motivation. I've been thinking about lucid dreaming every day for these past few weeks and I've finally got the motivation to try this time. I WILL become a lucid dreamer.

      Reality Checks:
      Nose Plug
      Looking at hands
      Finger through palm of hand

      Dream Signs:
      Don't know, will update later when I have some more dreams.

      Short-Term Goals:
      Have at least 1 lucid dream per week
      Discipline myself to stay focused on ADA and other awareness techniques while at school

      Long-Term Goals:
      Lucid dream on a frequent basis
      Create a stable dream world that I will be able to visit in my lucids. I would like to build upon it every time I get lucid and try to live a sort of "2nd life".

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      Use to practice lucid dreaming a few months ago...getting back into it now. I've still been able to recall an average of 1 dream per night on my break of LDing.

      Current Technique:
      1. DILD by practicing ADA coupled with WBTB.
      2. Go to bed AT LATEST 10:00 p.m. even on weekends, with some exceptions.
      3. DJ in my online journal every morning before I go to school.

      I'll try to log down something in my workbook everyday to keep myself motivated through this journey. Thanks DV
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      Hey, welcome back Mahoogie!

      Good timing too because I have been revamping the Intro Class a bit, to make it easier to address questions and concerns from students. So continue writing in your workbook as usual, but if you have a specific question, or something in your workbook or Dream Journal that you want to direct us to, then make a post in this thread: Raise Your Hand. Members and DVA staff have been utilizing it already, so I think it will be a more effective tool for this class, especially with there being so many active workbooks.

      Anyway, nice to see you again, and looking forward to your success

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