Reality Checks:
-Checking Hands
-Hand-On Nose

Dream Signs:
-Home/Familiar Places
-Old Friends/Old Acquaintances (Haven't seen or met in ages but are with them in the dream)
-Neighborhoods/Cities/Blue Skies/Bright Orange Lights

Short-Term Goals:
-Walk through a door into a chosen place/area.
-Summon an item at will (Always been unable to do so while flying is easy)
-Construct a personal dream enviroment to inhabit/incubate for VILD.

Long-Term Goals:
-Construct game ideas using dreams
-Ask DC's about game concepts/ideas
-Explore alien cities/alien places.

Lucid/Dream Recall History:
-Fairly Amateur. About a dream recorded every other day. Spotchy persistance, a couple succeeded WILD's, and a ton of dry spells/giving up.
-Natural/Easy inclination to lucid dreaming happens incredibly often even when not intending to do so or giving up. I've had about 50+ LD's as the counter shows. But this is mostly spotchy and sporadic (happens when I don't cultivate lucidity anymore).

Current Technique:
-Still experimenting