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      I am pretty much a beginner. I've had one LD experience, but I think I just lucked into the DILD. It seemed pretty easy at the time, but I've had nothing but frustration since. I've recommitted myself with less pressure on having the experience and decided to involve myself here to learn more about it rather than just getting lucky.

      Reality Checks:
      - Poking finger through hand
      - Pinching nose technique
      - Asking myself, "Does this make sense?" <--- It worked in my first experience and made me realize that I was dreaming.

      Dream Signs:
      - No idea. I am horrible at recording my dreams and/or recalling them. It's part of my problem.

      Short-Term Goals:
      - To become more focused. I tend to mind drift or fall asleep when attempting LD techniques.
      - Improve dream recall.
      - To experience another LD and get a little confidence to keep me going.

      Long-Term Goals:
      - 1 LD at least once a week. More are preferable, but I'd settle for this level at this point.
      - To have some level of control over the experience (meaning in the dream). To dream what I want.

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      - I said I was pretty bad at this. So I guess, to have some kind of recall functionality would be nice.

      Current Technique:
      - I've come to the realization that my focus is fairly poor when doing these techniques. I've resigned myself to the fact that I need to improve this first. Dream Yoga, though said to be difficult, seemed to be something I can relate to. I don't have high expectations that it will help me LD, but the suggestion in the lessons seem to be helping me with focus. So I am starting there at this point. And since I've had a DILD experience, I'll attempt this when the opportunity presents itself again.
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