Hi, I'm Kazran and I'd like to start working with you to improve my chances of lucid dreaming.

Reality checks - I have a low frequency of doing these at the moment. I have a hard time recalling to try them.
Can I breath with my nose blocked?
Does writing appear normal?
Can I force my left hand through my right hand?

Dream signs - My dreams are fairly inconsistent. I'd hesitate to designate anything in particular at the moment.

Short term goals - I'd like to improve my prospective memory, both in order to increase my capability of lucid dreaming as well as increase the frequency with which I do waking reality checks
I'd like to work on keeping a dream journal consistently. I'd like to reattain Lucidity.

Long term goals - I'd like to be able to frequently become lucid while dreaming. I'd like to investigate time dilation in dreams and I'd like to tap into my creativity more directly.

Lucid dreaming / Recall history - I've become lucid approximately 4 times. Possibly more, but they were all brief and uncontrollable. I'd classify my recall as decent overall. I've had times where I could record details from multiple dreams per night for a week or two, then had a dearth of recall for a few days. I've started working on recording my dreams as of 12/5 again, but the details regarding those dreams are subpar.

Current Technique - I'm not really certain I've properly used any techniques yet. The last time I gave it real effort was a while ago, so its time to start over and do it properly. I suppose I should start at the basics and work on
Dream Induced Lucid Dreams, including the WBTB technique and taking morning naps as available (usually 4 days per week)

Thanks for your assistance, I look forward to working with you!