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    Thread: patches' Workbook

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      patches' Workbook

      Hallo, my name is patches. I love sheep, pasta, and dutch (the language). I've had a few lucids in the past, but I'd like to work on having more, and work on getting motivation to record my dreams so that I'll have a record of them. So I'm making this workbook to help motivate myself.

      Reality Checks:
      - I don't do these when awake, but when I have a lucid I try to do impossible things (like fly) to confirm that I'm dreaming.

      Dream Signs:
      - Flying
      - School/university
      - Stairs
      - Trains/busses
      - Malls/supermarkets
      - Family/friends

      Short-Term Goals:
      - Eat pasta during a lucid
      - Work more on tactile/auditory awareness
      - Work more on self-awareness
      - Make one dream journal instead of scattering my recordings all over the place

      Long-Term Goals:
      - Being able to lucid at least once/day
      - Make a personal space that I can go to in lucids

      Lucid/Dream Recall History:
      - 3 lucids in January 2016
      - 9 lucids total
      - First lucid on October 2nd, 2015.

      Current Technique:

      Getting DILDs by improving awareness during the day and awareness during the night (recall).
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      Welcome to Intro class Patches!
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