Reality Checks:
- Reading something twice
- Being more aware of weirdness in daily life
-heightened awareness

Dream Signs:
- faulty elevators
- conversing with dead people and animals
-international celebrities

Short-Term Goals:
- To have at least 3 or 4 LDs a week
- To accomplish 5 of the goals I have set out within a month

Long-Term Goals:
- To be able to lucid dream at will, whenever I want
- To be super-lucid and be able to easily control and manipulate dreams
- To astral project in other dimensions

Lucid/Dream Recall History:
- I have quite good dream recall, remember at least 3 dreams a night and have kept a dream journal for the last 3 months
Have had a dry patch for a few months but hopefully its over now and I expect to get lucid frequently

Current Technique:
Doing reality checks every day for a few months
Trying a bit of WILD and DILD