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      LD prep and mood

      Hi all.

      I wanted your help and advice for preparing yourself for the evening. So I posted a couple of days ago having read some cool advice and taken tips etc from you. I had a LD that same night which was very cool considering. So the following day I was just as excited to tell everyone (while awake), all I could think about was that cool LD and how I couldn't wait to get back to bed to try it again. Obvioulsy I have a life to deal with too , my job is very demanding lately, my wife is pregnant, I have a 10 year old, i'm a songwriter, what i'm saying is I have a lot going on everyday. So first off, how do you handle the fact that you had an awesome LD and you want to share it without it taking over your day? how would you suggest removing yourself from your day to day life once it's time to sleep. I would love to find some consistancy as I really want to explore LD and try to understand why it happens. Last night I did not have a LD, I wasn't dissapointed in the slightest but I had tried to have one and this morning could not remember even dreaming. My expectation is that if I have a LD then that is awesome, if not, no problems. Anyway, how would you prepare and switch off a busy mind? Thank you all kindly

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      Well, you can have someone to t ell it to IRL, or you can post the dream on dreamviews.com (the dream journal feature). I find most people IRL don't really understand LDing that well, and find it quite silly. So there's a rather limited amount of options you can do.

      As for the switching your mind off. I have always done two things while stressed out. I just acknowledge that there's nothing I can do before morning to change things further, so why even think about it. And then I manage to move my thoughts with that to something more pleasurable. Like fantasizing about something.

      You seem to be off to a good start. Keep up the good work, and oh, welcome to DV.

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      Hello sir! Welcome to Dreamviews!

      Like the guy above said, post it here! People are always reading online Dream Journals. Plus you could just share it to a close friend. I wouldn't go sharing it to everyone. Also about your second question, you can use meditation to clear your mind, or you can come visit the forums here to get the thoughts into your head about Lucid Dreaming. Plus one way I do it is I listen to a song and sorta imagine a scene in a Lucid Dream that it would go with. So get pumped! Think about what you want to do in your next LD!

      Hope this helps! Good luck!

      Pm me about any lucid dreaming related questions you have!

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