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      I guess ill leave a Hi too! It's been a couple of years since I last logged in (I used to be fairly active) but i've been thinking about picking up on LD's again! good luck on your dream adventures!

      (Oh yes, also a Finn)
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      Oh, awesome, a finnish person. I moved to Finland 3 months ago. I'm estonian, btw. Bye ;D.
    3. Ya rly. ._.
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      O rly???
    5. At mooseantlers:

      Lotsa people are finnish here. At least 4 or 5 regulars, it seems. Much more than the average forum of this size.
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      I am quarter finnish, and seeing a finn on dreamviews makes me happy. goodbye.
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      Hi JussiKala, I just made up a joke concerning your avatar:

      Q: What did Thunderbird say to Firefox?
      A: Hey Firefox, I'm gonna rain on you!

      If you're sort of baffled, confused or lost... you probably aren't a user of Thunderbird the Email Client by Mozilla and in that case I apologize.
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    The portal gun

    by JussiKala on 10-10-2011 at 10:48 PM
    All references to the concept portal assume the portal from the game, portal

    So I had somehow obtained myself a portal gun. I had gotten accustomed to using it, though I still somewhat hid it from the general public.
    I was at this hotel with a friend of mine, checking the accommodations for possible future visits. I tried the bed. At first I sat on it. It was a king size bed. With a a blue mushy blanket. Lovely. The room walls had this tapestry, with a pattern mostly consisting of decorated vertical lines. A woman walked by the hallway and stopped near the door to talk with one of the janitor crew. I eventually got irritated with her, so I launched a portal on the roof and one under her on the floor in the hallway. She dropped on the bed. At first, she was confused. But after a while, her face assumed an expression of anger. I thought it'd be for the best of everyone to leave now. But the woman suddenly started chasing me. So I punched a window after running a bit in the hallway, jumped through, shot a portal on the ground, and on the hotel wall. That side of the hotel building was facing a beatiful landscape. A forest, with a lake in the middle. The hotel was on the top of a hill, and the lake was at the bottom of that hill. I hit the portal on the ground and shoot up from the portal on the hotel wall. As I fly through, it looks like I won't make it. I see her standing on the ground, on the parking lot, looking at me very confused and angry. I get a slight expression of satisfaction on my face. I look ahead again and it seems I might not fly far enough to reach the lake. But I barely do.


    Boat trip

    by JussiKala on 08-23-2011 at 06:55 PM
    (two days ago)

    I started out on this island. I got into this yacth type of boat, white, has maybe two or three rooms inside, not more. The boat went off to the sea. I was on it with a couple of people I thought I knew in the dream, yet I don't recognize them now that I'm awake. We drove around a bit. At one point I saw this lizard like creature slip through the waves. After a while, the three of us on the boat decided to go swimming. I jumped from the top of the boat into the sea below. I swam in it for a while without any issues. However, after a while, this small fish like thing with two huge eyes (in proportion to the rest of the body) started chasing me. It showed its teeth, and I got scared. I swam away from it as well as I could. It was a mere 2m or less away from me the whole time, sometimes missing me by only a bit when trying to bite me.

    I got on the boat safely again after a while. So we headed out again. After a while, we arrived at this deserted island composed of mainly sand and a couple of palm trees. We spent a while on the island, relaxing. The two of them stayed on the island and I headed out on the boat after a while of chilling. I drove it around a bit. Thought I was heading for mainland. But no... after a few hours, I arrived back at the same island. At that point, I had a huge mindrape moment, even though it wasn't that bizarre.

    The creature

    by JussiKala on 08-15-2011 at 06:54 AM
    I was on this smallish island in the middle of nowhere. I was on the balkony of this lighthouse on the edge of this island. I was looking at the sea, waiting for the boat I had ordered to pick me up. I saw it in the distance. I also saw some black thing waddling through the water near it. I walked down the stairs of the lighthouse. There again, in the water, I saw the same black ripples. I went to the dock to intersect with the boat captain. The boat was this small motorboat with a couple of seats. At least it had a cockpit. I went with the ship captain to a restaurant on the island. Afterwards, while walking back to the boat, the black ripples were back. I heard a loud roar. I saw the black ripples slowly rise from the water, it was this giant lizard like creature (though I considered it a whale in the dream). It wrapped around the boat, and started dragging it away from the island. This continued at least 500m off the shore at which point the creature snapped the boat in half. Now the captain freaked out. But he yelled in the air and called out a dragon (how random, lol) to help. The dragon flew around, injured the creature. Then he retrieved the boat halves and put them near the dock. The captain told him to go and get it fixed on a nearby island. The creature swam near the dock, stood out of the water, and looked at all of us. The dragon looked at the creature for like 20 seconds, after which he wrapped his body and tail around the boat and totally crumbled it to pieces. The creature looked at us and asked us why the heck we trust a dragon but not him. Clearly the dragon had evil intentions as well. I seemed to feel trusting of the creature now, for some reason. The dragon looked around, hissed, and flew away. The creature just stood in the water.. looking at us. Dream end.

    Updated 08-15-2011 at 07:02 AM by JussiKala


    The search for the artifact + the gay marriage debate

    by JussiKala on 08-14-2011 at 06:32 AM
    #1: So I was in this large old medieval castle. We were walking around with the tour leader, apparently I was in some sort of tourist group (again, lol). The layout of the old castle was the same as the internals of the house, now that I think about it after waking up. Everything was just a bit bigger. So at one point, the tourist guide was telling us about how there was this old magical artifact from the 1582 that belonged to some dude that had the power to control a lot of things. She said that multiple tries to find the artifact from the castle had failed. It has been lost. I didn't think it had been, and I went off. I arrived at what is actually the main store-room of my house, and looked a round. I knew, KNEW, the thing was here. So I looked around, not finding anything since the room was filled with stuff. I saw the bigger picture howerver, and knew that I had to summon it, so I went into this meditation like state, and hummed until it appeared to me. It was a ring with two stones attached to it. I put it in my hand and I heard hissing. Then I heard the wind, and saw how the ghost of the dude the tourist guide told me about flew threw me with an angry face. I laughed like an insane man and ran outside. I messed around with the ring but I do not remember how, since my recall ends here.

    #2: I was at my old elementary school yeeeaaars back and there was this lesson about what homosexuality is. After the class, both the teacher and one of the students started arguing about if gay marriage should be allowed. I listen to their debate outside the door for a while and decide that they're both complete idiots that dont' know how to argue, and I tell them that. They get mad but tell me to make better arguments than the ones they have made, and I spend an hour in the library on a computer typing up this argument. I come back with a 17 page thing and I hand it out to them. They are "mmmmkay" and I leave. Later when I come back, there is this group effort to build a mosaic on the unused floor space of one of the hallways. I participate. One of the people who made most of the effort realized she did it wrong and had to start again after disassembling what she had made.

    Apparently I've played too much gmod recently

    by JussiKala on 08-10-2011 at 12:43 AM
    I was "playing" gmod (though the dream was in 1st person perspectie with nothing outside of the game and all the visuals life like). (it's a sandbox game where you build stuff) with some folks from the other internet forum I am on. One of them was building this highly realistic cave like sturcture in the middle of the map. I was passively observing the construction process while I was messing with my train carriage system I had built for the track on the map. At one point, this dude invited me to try the cave structure out. I went in, he put and froze a big boulder in the opening of the cave, so I couldn't get out. I walked inwards, the cave was sloping downwards. At one point, I saw bars like those from a jail cell in t he middle, and I continued, I knew this was a map change in game, even though I was technically in the game myself, and not just controlling it. I went through a fwe more of those, and finally arrived at this longer corridor. At the end there was this dark haired young girl singing awkwardly and sadly and staring at me. She got up and started walking towards me. Then she jumped towards me at inhumane speeds. I tried to noclip but instead hit my head on the ceiling. I went through a few map changes while trying to get out, but in the end, the cave was a maze of sorts, and I couldn't find my way out. Dream end.
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