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      Fresh Start

      Wassup dream fam

      Well, I've decided to start back lucid dreaming, this time doing it properly. I believe the last LD I had was 5 months ago, and that was completely random. The truth is, I was consciously stopping myself from having LDs.

      Oftentimes, I wake up in the middle of the night to find my body vibrating; however, I intentionally suppress these vibrations so I can't go into the dream spape, because I'm afraid of having a Lucid Dream.

      About 8 months ago, I had a lucid dream in which I found myself lying in my room. I got up and stabilizing, but as soon as I did I felt this extremely heavy presence. Prior to that, I was familiar with SP, and feelings of other beings existing in the dream; this however, was on a whole different scale. It's almost like the gravity around me increased 100 fold, and the air got really thick with some darkish fog. The air around me felt sinister, and somehow I forced myself out of the dream...but from then on, I've been terrified to have another lucid dream.

      I feel that I'm ready to begin lucid dreaming again, for various reasons. This time going around, I'm going to keep a consistent dream journal, employ Puffin's SAT throughout my day, stay active on this site, and most of all, keep lucid dreaming no matter what experiences I may go through. In fact, the experience I went through back then has sparked some interest in me, as I want to conquer whatever that was back then.

      Since I feel this is a fresh start, I'm going to erase all recorded lucid dreams I've had and start as a newbie. (although I still vividly remember every lucid dream I've ever had)

      Wish me luck!

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      As questions to yourself like?
      How good is your recall?
      How often am I conciously aware in the day?
      Do I reality check when something is weird?
      Do I do mantras before bed?
      Do I wake back to bed (at the right time)?

      Find your weakness and fix it!
      Good luck to you!

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