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      Sooo.... What am I doing Wrong? I-Doser, Lucidology 101/102

      Ive been trying to lucid dream for about a month and haven't seen a progress. I usually try before bed to WILD but not always. I've also tried in middle of night, and when i first wake up. What i do is just stay perfectly still, till my body gets numb and complete relax. Been doing that for use while trying hypnosis so thats easy part. I then try clear thoughts and count down from 100. Every once in awhile i find myself getting sidetrack but i dnt panic i just keep counting down. If i reach 0 i just start over. I usually start to see lights and all sorts of just color dots and different designs but ive always seen that. When i close eyes immediately i do. Sometimes i random memories do pop in head, which I read that means im close but that closet i can get. I've been trying to reach SP and then take it a step forward but i can't reach SP and when i think i might of, cause body feels heavy or i dnt feel at all, I try to move and I can. No is not harder to move. I can kinda easily. I tried using binaurals. I used the lucid dreaming one on I-Doser and it does help me go to sleep real fast, and make it easier to relax but I tend to fall asleep. I use the Theta one they have and it was weird reaction. I felt my eyes like roll back of head and felt like i was shaking when i wasn't. I heard of vibrations and means your close, so i tried theta again and just relaxed thru that period but nothing ever happen. It just eventually stopped and i went back to seeing the colored dots and stuff. LOL and one time i tried, stay perfectly still did not move and i notice it got real hot, And i know i didnt move, eventually gave up and realize my comfort was over my head... like wtf i know i didnt move and i was awake the whole time and i notice the temperature difference, But that was the first time i tried lol. Weird.

      Anyway if anyone can give me any good advice or help, I will give ya I-Doser Premium with a bunch of dose files and/or lucidology 101 and 102.

      Thanks in advance

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      Hey, welcome You might have read this already, but two of the most important things you can do are to keep a dream journal and do regular reality checks.

      Immediately after you wake up, stay still and try to go over the details of your dream in your mind. Don't let yourself get distracted, and then write it down in your journal (you can just write it in point form and elaborate later, if you want). If you move around too much or get distracted, you could forget important details.

      Do a lot of reality checks, but don't let it become a mindless habit. You have to stop and question your surroundings and do some basic RCs like counting your fingers or plugging your nose and trying to breathe through it.

      It can take a few months of practice before you finally have a lucid dream, so you have to be patient. It's definitely worth it though

      I've heard that WILDing is one of the most difficult methods to use, so it might not be the best option if you're just starting out. If you want to keep trying though, it's best to get a few hours of sleep first, and then wake up and try it so that you're in between REM cycles. I've also heard that it's possible during afternoon naps.

      Good luck
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      I'd also recommend you to use DILD and/or other techniques before trying to WILD. And you should do some experiments on your own when you feel that you pretty much understood what you're trying and when you're through the techniques you learned from others.
      I myself had my first lucid just this day, but it took me 3 months and 1 week to get it. After browsing a huge load of tutorials, techniques, including binaural beats/isochronic (not including I-Doser though) tones and more. But after all it was one of my own ideas that made the difference. Since I'm used to listen to music while sleeping I made myself a long playlist (about 3,5h) and had a track at the end of it that included several sorts of awareness inductions. And the third day of trying that method I was where I am now, with my first lucid. I also think it's easier to WILD once you had a lucid since you know where to aim at.
      I used lucidology 101 since it's free of any charge, and used some of the free isochronic tones. Lucidology 101 is pretty good because it explains a lot of things but it didn't do the trick for me. Would be kinda curious what's more included in 102.

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