Heya people!

So couple of questions for experienced luciders (made up word, I know)
Everytime I wake up in the morning to write down my dreams in my journal (It's an app I have on my smartphone), I'm usually way too tired to even bother or/and be able to write anything down, What should I do? Also, binaural waves have no effect on me at all, tried listening to several delta waves with no result. WILD's are just a big no-no as I usually just fall asleep instead of staying lucid, even though I concentrate on staying concious, Any tips?

Oh and I have couple of dream signs I do several times a day. It's been 3 weeks now and I havent had a single DILD. I always write down "Lucid Dream?" on my hands in order to ask myself "Am I dreaming?" everyday when I look at my hands, What am I doing wrong guys?