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      First controlled lucid dream

      Hey everyone first post

      Anyway i just realized i might be having Lucid dreams. They always start as false awakenings and they always happen about 5 minutes after i fall asleep and last about 10 minutes only and then i wake up.

      The first 3 i had start as a false awaking, i always fall out of bed in my dream and gravity is very low, i float down to the earth out of my bed(no pain). i then look around and realize i am dreaming and panic and want to wake up so i try clapping my hands and shouting and eventually i wake up.

      Anyway the same thing happened last night except this time i had read up about lucid dreams, so when this happened i did a reality check. i looked at my bed side table digital clock and it was off like a power failure which i thought was strange. Then it hit me i was having a lucid dream( i think). i walked into the passage way and saw like a dim human figure. I ran up to it and tried to punch it but i went straight through and fell to the ground but before i hit the ground i attempted to fly and flew all around my lounge. I then flew out my door(straight through it) my cat came running and jumped on my back(lol) and we flew up into the air, but then i woke up.

      Ever time this has happened its on a Sunday, and generally when i have weird sleep patterns in the weekend(partying etc).

      Was this a Lucid dream? what do you think about my experience?
      Thanks. Tod.

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      That definitely sounds like a lucid!!

      The only odd thing about it is that you say it happens 5 minutes after falling asleep - it's generally thought that REM sleep doesn't start until a good 90 minutes after falling asleep - though some people do report beginning a REM type dream very quickly or even immediately after falling asleep. It probably has to do with the disrupted sleep patterns you mentioned.

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      Nice job!! and yeah, the thing that Darkmatters said, about sleep and REM, it depends. I've had dreams very quickly after napping, then going to sleep for the night or weird situations like that.
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      Hi there my friend,
      Congrats on your LD . Also, that's a nice LD you got there. It took me some time to be able to fly around. Anyways, your weird sleep pattern may have contributed and assisted you in achieving your LD.

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      Nice job noticing your false awakenings. It is cool you can harness something that happens to you naturally.

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