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      Boyfriend dreamt I died

      Hello... I'm in my 30's and have been dating my boyfriend for 1.5 years. We get along well but he's younger than me and we've hit a patch of uncertainty regarding moving forward with marriage. He's not ready yet..
      The other morning he called me early crying, which he NEVER does, and said he had the worst dream and wanted to see me later that day. He ended up coming over and told me that in this dream, I died in a car accident. He was numb for a week until my family and him started making my funeral arrangements. It hit him when they were at my funeral and afterward when he wanted to see me and hold me but I wasn't there. My family came to my home and started clearing out my things. He helped but discovered I was in my bedroom, as a spirit. He could talk to me, but I couldn't leave, and nobody else saw me or could communicate with me. He decided to come to my home every day to be with me until he heard they were planning on renting out my home. He decided to pay the rent on it and move in so he wouldn't be without me.

      He was crying the whole time he told me and said he was devastated because he kept thinking he should have married me while I was alive.. we wouldve had kids together..

      I was taken aback by this dream and have never seen him this emotional. We dropped the conversation, but I was admittedly shaken up. Does this mean he loves me and realized how much I mean to him or that a part of our relationship is dead? I dont know... please help.

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      People die in dreams. To some they die often, to some very rarely or even never (the case with your bf). He probably loves you very very much if he was this disturbed by a dream. It has nothing to do with your relationship dying. Dreams are not your thoughts projected when you sleep, they are a collection of random stimuli you got over the day.

      Don't loose him, it is rare that someone likes his girlfriend this much.

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      Welcome to Dreamviews,
      Admittedly, i'm not the best at dream interpretation, but I think what this symbolizes is his fear of losing you. Dreams don't always make sense and they're not always interpret-able by common themes, but this is what I make of it.

      Any questions about lucid dreaming? Drop me a PM here!

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      He is uncertain about marriage, keeps thinking about it, leads to stress, hence why he got the dream most likely

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      If he got that emotional about such a nightmare, he probably really loves you so much, you should try talking to him about commitment again, but subtley

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