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    Thread: Hey! New and, as ever, confused!

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      Hey! New and, as ever, confused!

      I've been trying to Lucid Dream for a long time, partly because I'm fairly sure I did it regularly as a kid. When I was little, I remember I had a period of time (probably about a year) where every few nights, I'd have a dream. It was always the same fictional place, and always the same characters; people I didn't know in real life. It wasn't exactly recurring, because the story each time was different. It was like having two lives - my waking one, where I went to school and spent time with my parents and did my homework etc, and my dream one, where I could talk to and turn into tigers and wolves, and we had adventures. I don't know if the specifics of that are important; it was just the feeling I remember. These were my dreams, and I could do what I wanted, I could choose my directions and change them based on what was happening. The world moved on, almost like the real world. I'd wake up, and when I went back, the situation would have progressed. My friends and I were allied with the eagles during a crisis, for example, and each time I went there, they would have made progress without me.

      But, in any case, I started recently looking into lucid dreaming because I would love to find that again. Not necessarily the world from when I was a kid (though that would be fun), but the sensation of freedom.

      Aside from that, I want to join this site because I've had some odd dreams lately and would like someone else's take on them. My dad died a few months back, and I've just started dreaming of him, and I'm not sure if my brain is trying to tell me something... This is what's given me the final push to join and talk to you folks.

      In any case, hope to talk to you soon!

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      hello, Raivess! Welcome to DV! I know how you feel about having had lucid dreams in the past, and wanting to get it back, since I used to lucid dream about 20 years ago, when I was a young adult and am now trying to regain this empowering skill. For the dream interpretation, you can post your dreams in the subforum Dream Interpretation, and we will be glad to see whether we can help you brainstorm some ideas about them. best!
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      Welcome Raivess ^^

      You're one of those people who's DreamViews sign (Staying up all night) fits perfectly ^^ If you take a look at our Dream Gallery forum, you'll see much inspiration that can help you keep motivated for lucid dreaming ^^ Anyway, feel free to post any questions, and like JoannaB said, a trip to Dream Interpretation seems the right place to visit
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      Stick it in the microwave and hope for the best?
      MMR (Mental Map Recall)- A whole new way of Recalling and Journaling your dreams
      Trying out MILD? This is how you become skilled at it.

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