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    Thread: Reintroduction of kaze

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      Reintroduction of kaze

      Hello Everyone,

      Truth be told, although the title of the thread says, ĎReintroduction of kazeí, I feel like itís only fair to let you all know that this is actually my first formal introduction to DV. Iíve been a member for a while and I come and go after long hiatuses just to see whatís new and to dabble here and there, but I never really took the time to actually introduce myself to the community. So here goes.

      Generally speaking, I prefer observing and perusing the forum, keeping my opinions and questions to myself in an idle pursuit of knowledge, commenting here and there with no real rhyme or reason, but recently Iíve had a huge change of heart. I realized Iíve become lazy and undisciplined in my dream of becoming a Master Dreamer. Iíve come to the conclusion that I need help, and who better to come to for help than a community that specializes in this sort of thing? No-brainer, right?

      Iím looking for motivation, interest, and conversations with like-minded individuals in pursuit of a common goal. I need help finding something or some way of making my dreaming practices more salient in life, and Iím hoping that spending more time with you all will help. Iím not expecting magic, or the overnight solution to LDing thatís going to make all of my dreams come true (har-de-har), but I am going to make an effort to be more involved in the community and put dreaming higher up on my priorities list. Iím tired of trying half-heartedly to make an attempt, thinking that I can find all of my answers on my own and do it all by myself. After years, I realize that that approach has given me only minimal success. Ergo, things need to change.

      So congratulations all of you lucky dogs (or cats, if youíre a cat person), you! Youíre it!

      Now that the affirmation has been made and Iím resisting the urge to consider myself a fool for even doing this, for those of you who managed to make it to the end of this rather lengthy introduction, thank you and you should be seeing me around :]

      - kaze
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      Good to meet you, kaze!

      I did read your entire post and it made me think that lucid dreaming might not be all that difficult of a goal for you. You've been around a while and likely read through a lot of material. It's very likely that your mind already has the influences necessary to lucid dream.

      Maybe it's just a matter of putting what you've read into practice.

      When I joined I had already experienced many lucid dreams, but I found the exposure to the forum material increased the likelihood of me having a lucid dream. Reading all the tutorials and questions I learned how to focus my intentions, and writing down my dreams daily really caused an up-surge in the frequency of lucid dreams. Additionally, I took the Beginner's class in the DreamViews Academy and it forced me to keep up with my efforts. That really helped having that structure.

      I suspect you might be able to have a similar experience. Whether you pursued the class as I did or just focused your intention on your own...you already have the mental framework in place.

      Whatever you decide to pursue to achieve that lucid dreaming goal, I do hope we see more of you around.

      Pleasant dreams!
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