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      Hello, Fellow Nocturnals

      Fellow Night Prowlers,

      I Am a young 15 year old boy, i'm a beginner lucid dreamer, currently only having three lucid dreams, at least, 6 months ago i didn't even know what lucid means, i'm not from USA or UK, well, even if people really pronounciate it as 'Youusaa' or 'Akkh', i was hoping this thread could guide me and one day we could share our lucid dream stories, i might have a slight tendency to make a little joke, and in school i have been nicknamed 'Alien', 'Dinosaur', and 'Blackbird', no, i'm not a girl, i speak with a slight scottish Accent but no, i'm not from Scotland, but i have a Dreamed of going to scotland, maybe one day,

      i don't look good, i love rock and roll, i love sketching and poetry,

      Me dreaming Level is - now i can recall nearly every dream in the night, i don't have a dream journal, but i share me story to me fellow lucid dreamers in school, i love the idea of going to a land where you are god, maybe i could learn something there, other than dream sex and flying

      My dream (Request/Wish) is to have a dream marriage, meet the buddha, then jesus, (ok....?) maybe every week, i have a slight OCD, ok maybe not slight, but i want to know how to increase the Lucid Dreaming frequency to at least once a week, not once every two months,

      i know i may not be the best person but i am a person who loves this idea, so, i introduce me self, i am from south east asia in a small city south of singapore other than batam, have practiced self brainwashing for years, OCD, and loves talking to people in my head, so you can say i'm crazy but hey, Who's not?.

      Hello Owls and Bats, Thank you for at least clicking that lil' button on top,

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      Hello there, welcome to DreamViews!

      The only way to really get better at lucid dreaming is to keep trying. Be patient and put in some effort with whatever technique you choose, and you'll find that over time, your LD frequency will go up. What technique are you interested in?

      If you need anything, ask away~
      If something goes wrong with your dream, just yell, "PLOT TWIST!" and move on.

      Maybe it's a dream and if I scream, it will burst at the seams.

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