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    Thread: Hello All! Glad to be back!

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      Hello All! Glad to be back!

      Hello there! Just dropping in to say hello! I joined DreamViews about nine years ago. At that time, my profile was under the name CheshireMischief. Admittedly I didn't post much. But thanks to the help of this site, I embarked into a wave of lucid dreaming adventures. They are too numerous to count, and my recording regimen has been notoriously lax. I have flown through the ruins of civilization-forgotten, swam on the backs of whales, commanded mechanical armor, frozen time, controlled the masses, destroyed cities, planted magic beans, glid through the sky on airships, and danced though the air like a wandering breeze.

      Though, through the ruins of neglect, only a handful of dream entries have survived. I will be happy to share them with you over time.

      Also if anyone has any questions about dream theory or techniques, I'd be glad to share!

      I hope to meet some like minded dreamers and enjoy some wonderful debate.

      And spoiler alert! I have been writing a novel over my nine years of dreams. Keep an eye out for a careless slip of a chapter as it nears completion. ^_~
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      Hey,Glad u back and hope u stay in this forum.
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      It sounds like you've had some amazing adventures!
      I look forward to hearing more about them.
      Welcome back!
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