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    Thread: New member need help

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      New member need help

      Hello all,
      Before I get started with my questions/introduction i wanted to share how I got started with lucid dreaming, It was about a year ago and I had the most vivid dream ever. I was flying and at the same time I was calculating the speed of light. As I got further into solving the equation I started to fly faster and faster. at this point I was flying so fast I started to break through a barrier (hard to explain but it was a force field thing and I was pushing it to the limits before I broke through.) Anyways at this moment I woke up. but the thing was I was still dreaming but my eyes were open but the rest of my body was paralyzed. I couldn't move at all but I could see my wife and daughter lying there sleeping in bed. I held on to the dream as long as possible because it was literally the best feeling I have ever had in my life (I guess feeling like I was using more of my brain than I usually do). anyways the dream finally got to intense and I had to let go and boom my body became unparalyzed. My muscles on the sides of my stomach hurt pretty bad for a few minutes like a pulled muscle. I immediately woke my wife up because this was one of the coolest experiences I had ever felt in my life. It was very hard to explain to her what happened without thinking I was going crazy lol. So I immediately grabbed my phone and started looking for what I had just experienced I saw a few things but lucid dreaming stuck out the most. So from then on I have been hooked

      But I have been researching lucid dreaming for about a month now. I have been also trying different methods to lucid dream for about a month now. (with no luck unfortunately). I am pretty much trying to surround myself with lucid dreaming thoughts throughout the day. I practice doing reality checks throughout the day (I have a label that says "reality check" on my desk in front of the key board) this really seems to help remind me. I count to 10 on both hands and then I count backwards to 1. I also say a mantra while falling asleep "tonight, I will have many lucid dreams." I also try to envision a dream I had the night before or some dream I had and try to recreate the environment. I also keep a dream journal with about 2 paragraphs worth of recall each morning. (Side note I can recall about 5 times per week). I am trying to keep a positive attitude towards the process as I know it takes time. My problem is I don't know if I am doing things right, if I need to do more, if I need to keep on being patient ect. I just want to make sure that I am on the right track on my journey to becoming lucid.

      Thanks for your time guys/girls glad I found this board
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      You're on the right track, but you need to sharpen your focus at night.

      Use your journal entries to analyze your dreams in order to look for the patterns that occur the most. This pattern could be a thing you do, a type place that you're usually in, a person that's around a lot, or anything else that you often dream about. Personally, I dream about waking up the most.

      Once you know which patterns occur the most in your dreams, at night, rather than focusing on having many lucid dreams, focus on waiting for a pattern to occur in your dreams and being ready to RC when it does. If a pattern occurs in your dream, but you don't catch it, reimagine the dream, only with you RCing upon seeing the pattern occur before assuring yourself that this will happen next time.

      Its better to place more focus on less things than less focus on more things. That's what you need to do, in my opinion.

      Good luck!
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      Thanks dolphin i will try and use the strategy tonight to hone in on more of the specifics,
      thanks again
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      Welcome, theu1986!

      That is an awesome experience you had and I'm glad you found us.

      It looks like you are doing your practice right. I would just add some emotions and intent, since emotions is what makes us lucid, RCs are just a carrier for them.

      Here is more about the RC+mantra+intent for a lucid dream type called DILD.

      Good luck and please ask if you have any questions. Happy dreams!

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