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      Smile Brand new to lucid dreaming

      I'm completely brand new to lucid dreaming..... I have always thought it was a crazy idea even when i was very young i knew about it, however always thought it would be impossible for me as i am a very very deep sleeper.... thought about trying to train myself starting today cuz i really wanna have a lucid dream so i joined the forum.... knowing myself the method that sounds the EASIEST for me, is the finger induced one where you pretend like you're playing the piano and then do a reality check after a minute or so....

      any tips.?
      any articles you think i should read?

      do you have to start a dream journal?
      what happens if i start a dream journal and wake up forgetting all my dreams?

      help is appreciated i am going to check back up on here before i go to bed to see how people respond


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      Welcome to the forum!

      Let me give you a tip that I learned when I started FILD - it's not just moving your fingers until you get lucid. That's where I was led astray by other lucid dreaming websites - I thought I just had to wiggle my fingers until I fell asleep and magically I'd get lucid. There's a little more work you have to do, mainly to get yourself in the mindset of lucid dreaming. Since FILD is a form of DEILD, I'd suggest reading our DEILD tutorial on the wiki. I'd also advise making Reality Checks part of your daily routine as well, as those are always helpful in the pursuit of lucid dreaming.

      Dream Journaling is definitely vital, as it helps you remember more dreams each night as you do it more and more. Plus, you can find common themes in your dreams that you can use as dream signs for getting lucid. You don't have to write out whole dreams if they're too long - you can just jot down little notes, or you can speak into a voice recorder or something similar. The key is just doing it. Even if you don't remember anything, write down anything - it can be whatever thought is in your head right now, whatever emotion your feeling, or even just the words "No dreams". Just by writing down something - anything - it trains your brain that dreaming is important, which will help you remember more dreams over time.

      Let us know if you have any more questions, and feel free to stop by the IRC chat.
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