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      DreamSynthesist is a 24 year old human male currently without a mate, he works as a video techie and his hobby is sitting in his room playing with his impressive collection of hardware synthesizers

      I have come here because I have decided that it is time I got serious about lucid dreaming. I want 2017 to be the year that I conquered my dream world Lucid dreaming came quite naturally to me when I first became interested in the subject and I have had on and off cycles off lucid dreams rather frequently for the last 5 years or so. However, being the undisciplined mess that I am, I have pretty much left it at that instead of focusing on developing my abilities and knowledge. That is why after several years I have only had a handfull lucid experiences which I would consider truly amazing. The trouble tends to be with "connecting fully to myself".

      So! I will be focusing on learning techniques that can help me ground myself in the dream, I simply need to slow down and bring stability. I haven't had a lucid dream that I can recall for almost 2 months now, but focusing on the subject usually brings them along rather quickly. Maybe I'll have one tonight!

      I am also starting a dream journal, which I haven't done before so I hope that helps

      One thing I am looking forward to is taking a swim in the magnificent oceans of the dream world, breathing underwater is such a lovely thing and there are so many hidden wonders in those crystal clear waters!

      I am excited to start learning from you, and contributing to the community here. I suspect I will be quite active
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      so sign up for the contest that starts soon
      that should help by forcing you to have dozens of goals, and competition, and team mates
      Sure LUCID DREAMS are all fun and games until someone loses a third eye.

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      Welcome to the forum!

      The contest cooleymd's talking about is right here: http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-chal...7-signups.html
      Signups are open for at least another week.

      Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to check us out in the IRC chat.
      "Going through life worrying about the little things is like cooking with motor oil instead of cooking oil. Sure, you can still probably pull it off, but it'll leave a bad taste in your mouth in retrospect." - Me, apparently

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