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    Thread: Hey everyone!

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      Hey everyone!

      Hey everybody, I hope you're all doin' great! :)

      I heard about lucid dreaming when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I tried a little and then I forgot about it. About 4 or 5 years later I joined some game forums and found LD thread in offtopic. I read all of it and jumped right in. It was quite active for about 2 years I think, but no one actually had any of those cool, vivid lucid dreams. Well, the OP had LDs every night but he quickly went inactive on forums. We were speaking mostly about our weird or cool dreams, new methods and stuff. I knew many things about dreaming and lucid dreaming. MILD, WILD, FILD and other '-ILDs', various RCs and so on. It kinda sucked how I never succeeded. It's just because I'm extremely pessimistic and my autosuggestion ('bad' one) screws me all the time. Procrastination! Well, I had some dreams where I gained lucidity, or at least they looked like this. But then I remembered them just as regular dreams, it didn't feel much real when I was thinking about it. Eventually, the thread on forums I told you about died[*] Now, after a couple of years I discovered r/luciddreaming. Someone linked your site so I jumped in! I'm gettin' back into LD bussines! Maybe you know any tips and methods for extremely lazy, pessimistic people like me? I know, I have to work on it and it won't be a piece o' cake.
      And of course obligatory 'sorry for bad english'.
      Also, that puzzle captcha blew my mind D:

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      Welcome to the forum!

      It's good that you already have a background knowledge of lucid dreaming. One thing that might help with the "being lazy" aspect is to see lucidity practice as a journey, instead of just a repetitive chore. Take pride in your progress - whether it's just remembering more dreams each night, or having those "semi-lucids" that are usually a precursor to fully lucid dreams. For extra motivation inspiration, you can read other peoples' lucid dreams in their dream journals (Hyu's is a great place to start) to get yourself excited for all the possibilities.

      Anyway, let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to stop by the IRC chat.
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