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    Thread: IronLizardEX's Profile/Intro

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      IronLizardEX's Profile/Intro

      Self Introduction

      I've been more of a lucid dreamer since middle school. Probably around the age of 11 or 12 years old if I can recall. I was HUGE into video games back then and still have interest in them today, but do not play them nearly as much.

      I'm a huge comic book / superhero geek and all of this is what I believe fuels my imagination to have such vivid dreams.

      Vivid/Lucid Dream Origins
      This will be a very short version of how I became to notice these things. And keep in mind, this was in the mid to late 90s when the internet was just coming out, so all of the methods and terminology for Lucid Dreaming or Vivid Dreams were no where to be found with easy access.

      I used to get chased by nightmare characters quite often when I was young. Often I would be afraid and would run slow as molasses, but the nightmare character would run turbo speed and reach me and I'd wake up.
      This happened many times until one day I just decided in-dream "You know... I'm tired of running, there has to be a better way." I looked up at the street light and telephone line pole, lifted my hands and jump. Suddenly I super jumped all the way to the top!

      I was astonished as I've never imagined that I could do such a thing. From that time on, dream after dream I practiced Super Jumping to the point that I could jump from building to building. This is how I knew I was dreaming and could do amazing things.

      List of Abilities
      Since that dream I have gained the following permanent abilities through practicing dream after dream:

      Super Jumping: [The ability to jump high and long distances.]
      This was the first ability gained by accident to escape nightmares that chased me.
      Reliability: 100%

      Gliding: [The ability to jump far and glide for long distances, but not quite fly to stay in the air.]
      This was gained when a team of five heroes taught me in the dream together to hold my arms out straight mid-super jump which allowed me to glide long distances. After practicing for many dreams I could do this with no issues.
      Reliability: 100%

      Flight: [The ability to fly like any given superhero without falling.]
      This ability was self taught. At first I needed to get a running start to fly, but ascension speed and actual flight speed varied and wasn't very reliable.
      After much... and I mean MUCH practice through a series of months of dreams, it is now pretty reliable.
      Reliability: 92%

      Hovering: [The ability to hover around on the ground as if walking or running, but standing upright and letting your feet dangle.]
      This was by far the most difficult of travel powers I learned. This was also self taught in-dream based on Magneto (Marvel). It was gained by feeling energy in my core and standing on my tip toes, which gave me enough lift to float a foot or more over the surface and travel around.
      Reliability: 100%

      Telekinesis (TK): [The ability to move objects around at will, without physical contact with the object].
      This is my main defense for nightmares that poses a non physical threat or a powered threat. I learned this due to a few nightmares where the person rendered my body useless like a ragdoll and dragged my body across the floor without actually touching me.

      One day after the third time, I decided IRL that I need a defense against this. I began to practice in my old backyard in-dream against people who wanted to battle (It really felt like a practice mode). I would use physical attack combos and lift my hand mid combo to try to lift them and bounce them on the ground via TK. It worked only 20% of the time.
      After practicing dream after dream, I could lift a power generator, then an entire car, then multiple objects at once. And the reliability increased dramatically.
      Reliability: 96%

      Tornado Upper: [Saying a battle cry of 'Tornado Upper!' while throwing an uppercut with my fist and a personal sized tornado appears to toss up or away the target.]
      This move was inspired by Joe Higashi. This was self taught in-dream as well and is rather new to me. It is a tall as a one-story house and is as wide as two average sized people. It was learned when I realized I was dreaming in the middle of a random neighborhood at night.
      Reliability: 57%

      Voltage Tendril: [Combined use of TK and electricity. Used to stun, damage, zap or drain the target].
      This is brand spanking new. I'm not sure if I could say that it is a permanent ability or not. It was discovered when fighting a rather large griffon kind of monster. (Details on that dream will be in a later episode).
      Reliability: 20%

      List of Desperation Moves
      Only two here:

      Screw Upper: [Same as Tornado Upper, but triple the size and magnitude. I have to say "Screw Upper!"] This is also based on Joe Higashi's Desperation Move. Interesting thing about this one is that when performed, the camera angle changes to a top angle looking down-forward, rather than my own point of view.

      Object Catastrophe: [Using TK to lift multiple objects and make them crash in one targeted area.] This was learned when I was in an office building on ground level. It was still under construction. I lifted many electric generators at once and made them crash, and all the dust and dirt kicked up and it made me wake up.

      I've had other abilities but could not reproduce them. Welp! That's my intro and I hope to be of more use here than the previous form I was at.

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      Welcome to the forum!

      That's quite an impressive resume you've got there. I'm looking to hearing more about your lucid adventures, it definitely sounds like some good inspiration for my own dreams.

      Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to stop by the IRC chat.
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      Thanks a ton! I appreciate it. I hope not to make a huge wall of text next time haha.
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      Hi, IronLizardEX. Awesome intro! Thanks for inspiration.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Valor View Post
      Hi, IronLizardEX. Awesome intro! Thanks for inspiration.
      Happy to help in anyway possible. Thank you!

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      Hi and welcome! Sweet dream powers you got there

      Wishing you lots of lucids ~

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