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      Question My ascension has come

      Greetings fellow members!

      Thought, as I am currently trying to get lucid, it would be good to have an insight in this forum I am currently at 0 official LDs but im trying my best with ADA+meditation and MILD Does ADA improve recall? The first day I started I had one very vivid an recallable dream so there must be something.... currently trying to get back on track as I was a bit distracted the last few days but it looks good for me, wouldnt surprise me if I will have my first LD in a few weeks Btw, im not really a beginner, I am trying to get lucid for about a year and 1/2 but it always was like in phases. This time tho i have a good feeling as school is getting near the end and I will have enough time for LD

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      Greetings fellow oneironaut,

      About your dream recall, that sounds wonderful! To me, keeping a dream journal is the single most important thing, as it lets you become more aware of that part of your life (a sometimes underappreciated part of life) and makes you recognize regularities that you can later use as dreamsigns!

      Btw: not really sure what the ADA method is, maybe you can explain it to me.

      Anyways, good luck on your lucid travels my friend!

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      ADA stands for All Day Awareness. KingYoshi has a very popular post here on this site and is basically the way to go method if you start with ADA

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