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    Thread: So, intros?

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      So, intros?

      Now, I thought I'd only be here for one question and leave, but I found the forums to actually be useful more than once, so I figured I'd make a little intro post. I'm mainly here for dream-related questions, but now I feel like getting more into the forums and being more of a member rather than a casual.

      For reference, I've never had complete lucidity, to the extent where I could manipulate the world. At best, my lucidity was more like a video game. It limited me to the world that was created, and choices would often lead to similar outcomes. An illusion of choice if you will. And while I've had my odd dreams, mine are often more ground in reality, and even when they're not, they often make sense within the context of the universe. My dreams can either be frightening or sad (and drawn out it seems like), or happy, and seem really short where I'm depressed when I wake up, so I can never win, haha.

      So, hi, I guess? I don't know, I'm not very good at introductions.
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      Haha, hi and to DreamViews!

      I see you have already made some posts, awesome! If you wanna chat, come see us in IRC http://www.dreamviews.com/chat/16312...-irc-chat.html

      Happy dreams!

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