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      Hi guys. So before I start I'd like to say that I'm completely new to this website. But this is how my day went. I worked out, then I ended up taking a nap. This nap lasted about 5 hours... lol. But anyways I don't remember how my dream started, but I remember towards the end of the nightmare I could hear everyone in my house. Almost like I was awake but I wasn't out the dream yet. I remember that it was My mom, dad, sister, and I. We had a built in pool so my sister was swimming and my mom and dad were inside cooking and I was sitting on the porch watching my sister. Then I went to the back with my mom and all of a sudden I got scratches all over me. Around my throat. All along my leg. My arms. Everywhere. And it wasn't like a small "animal" scratch, more like human scratches... but no one had scratches me.. so I assumed it was like a demonic figure bc it just came out of nowhere. My mama had 1 too. But she ignored it. I started to get suicidal and i don't know why. I wanted to kill myself. My parents were ignoring me. I remember they were acting like I legit wasn't there. I remember screaming to the sky... " I HATE YOU GOD! " ....,My legs started to burn. I took pictures of them but they weren't clear. I remember going to sit on the front porch to sit in the chair and just think. But I couldn't. I remember feeling like I was at my LAST and FINAL peak of living. Then I woke up and I was crying. Full on crying.

      If ANYONE could give me a prediction of why they think I had this dream or what it could possibly mean, please help me. A few months ago, I did try to attempt suicide. But it was completely because I acted too quickly. Since then I have been suicidal but I never acted out. This past 2-3 months I haven't thought about anything similar to killing myself. So I don't know why this would've happened. I also don't know why I got this out of no where. I usually have small dreams that I could remember in the morning. The scary part is that I remember this nightmare. Anyways please someone help me.

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      Welcome Carlischoll!

      I have moved your post to its own thread as the one where you posted was old.

      When it comes to interpreting dreams, I believe that the person who has the dream would be the best one to interpret it, since they know a lot about their inner world and as well as life circumstances. At any rate, it seems to me that this dream probably reflected elements of an inner struggle. Emotions in general and events can quickly spiral out of control in any type of dream. But they still would give an indication of one's inner thoughts whether current or past ones. The dream can show us how things could be and ultimately help us realize that we can change the situation. So, by experiencing this distrurbing dream along with this immense sorrow you are actually able to realize that inside you deeply care about yourself and the value of your own life. That's at least how I feel it from reading your dream. Hope this makes sense.
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