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    Thread: My story

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      My story

      Hello Everyone,

      I have always been interested in spiritual things such as meditation and astral projection. Im really looking for a mentor to help me along.

      one of the main reasons Im here is that im facing something of a crisis in my life. Im deeply in love with a girl. I know with 100% certainty that she is my soulmate. But she has a boyfriend. We knew each other first, and she liked me. But i didnt pay her enough attention and she found another guy. She is infatuated with him because he gives her so much attention. I can feel that we are meant to be together. So is there anything i can do? Can i help bring us together? Is there some ethical way to influence her to make her realize we are soulmates.

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      Welcome to the forum! For anything that has to do with dreaming, you came to the right place.
      I'm not sure if we can help you to get the girl, though. I know that this site doesn't have any credentials or professional sources to help with people's relationship problems.
      Good luck everything, though.

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      So I agree with the previous message of course, but i want to reply simply because I feel you're pain. I hope nobody gets upset because of how off topic this is but maybe my insight could help you, but of course this is just my opinion based on heavy contemplation, dreams, and online research. I have to admit, I'm everywhere including here in hopes of finding my soulmate. I believe once soulmates meet they will instantly know. From what I read from others they say that's the case anyway. It's a connection you'll both feel and you'll just know you were meant to be together... I think you may just be in love with the idea of finding your soulmate. A soulmate is supposed to be your perfect match right? Well I think you may just be projecting your desire to meet your soulmate onto her, because you THINK she's your perfect match. This about to be a mouthful but please hear me out on this theory I've come up with recently regarding soulmates, warning: it can be very depresssing. The theory is that you could dedicate your entire life to finding your soulmate and it still may never happen. While that thought is indeed terrifying, the more i think about it the more i believe it. With the amount of people on this planet, the endless life choices you can make to alter your life, the restrictions were bound to live by (government wise). The amount of possibilities for a human in their lifetime is near endless, which makes it even less probable you'll ever find your soulmate. That's pretty much why I'm here. I believe that either through lucid dreaming or astral projection, I can meet my soulmate in a different reality to help bring us together in the real world. Quite a stretch I know, but we have to start somewhere don't we? That was quite a lot of text I'm sorry to make you read all that xD I don't get to share my thoughts with many people...

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