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    Thread: Hi everyone! I miss this forum

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      Hi everyone! I miss this forum

      Hi everyone,

      It's been about 5 years since i have been active on this forum. Back then i was still in High School with plenty of time on my hands to reflect upon my dreaming experiences. During that time and with the help of this forum i had over a dozen lucid dreaming experiences which was amazing! Since graduating and moving further into the workplace it has been hard to keep up but i want to really give it another try.

      I have never really given up on my dreaming practice though. Ever since i started 5 years ago i've kept a dream journal, which i still recall my dreams into (albeit a lot more rarely).

      I remember this forum being such a vibrant place for coversation and thoughs and i am excited to get to know you all.

      <3 Jason
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      Welcome back! Happy to hear you've never given up on lding. No matter how busy life can get, it's much better to still have lding on the back of our minds rather than dropping it altogether.

      Wish you lots of inspiration in your re-ignited passion.
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