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    Thread: Intro - yoga plus dreaming

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      Intro - yoga plus dreaming

      Hi all,

      I'm brand new here. Last week, I was preparing my nightly cup of Kirkii tea and got into a conversation with my roommate's lover about lucid dreaming and he mentioned that a few years back he was connecting with some cool people on this site. So here I am!

      I'm a Tantra and yoga teacher in San Francisco. I'm into somatic meditation, Hakomi psychotherapy, and plant medicine as well. My path of awakening has been opening up strong and steady for me over the past four years and over the previous 6 months or so, it has started to include dreaming. I've gotten deep into Yoga Nidra. I've started keeping a (physical) dream journal. And I've worked with a few different dream herbs. I've had varying degrees of success with lucid dreaming and I'm getting a lot of good communication from my unconscious through my dreams now. But really, I feel like I'm just starting to scratch the surface with all of this, and really looking forward to going deeper.

      So I'm excited to check out the resources here and start connecting with community. If you have a favorite article or recommendation around Tibetan dream yoga, yoga nidra, or the intersection of meditation and dreaming, please feel free to share. And if you connect with any of the above and want to say "hi", then just drop me a line.

      Much love!
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      Welcome, Hooks! Great to have you here!
      Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

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