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      Hey fam!

      I'm Ian. Here to record some dreams, lurk, comment, discourse, and perhaps make a friend or three.

      Some of you may know me as "shadowcliff" if you've ever been active on the FFR forums, like, forever ago.

      It's really dying down there since the game has lost a lot of popularity. That's not to mention that my interest in the game has also faded.

      The camaraderie was enjoyable so I'm migrating here.
      Probably like most on this forum, I am a regular dreamer. As per my profile, my dreams are frequently vivid but rarely lucid. My last lucid dream happened about a year ago and the only other one happened many, many years ago. I've always found my dreams to be peculiar. They often involve very grand settings or feelings. Many of them seem linked; ie. taking place in the same set of fictional locations. Sometimes my dreams have spiritual implications or lessons. Sometimes I see immense or impossible architecture.

      I am mildly interested in learning how to lucid dream, but I feel like journaling is a logical precursor. If I can make a habit of journaling then I might dive deeper. Of course, this forum can help facilitate lucidity.

      I'm going to wrap up this brief post and get started on my journal. Cheers!
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      Hey crush, welcome! Glad you found your way here! You're absolutely right, dream journal-ing is the first big step. I would suggest throwing reality checks in now, to get that ingrained, and along with improving your dream recall, that would get you really moving to get LD's on a more regular note.

      Your dreams sound like mine, i suck at recall, but the dreamscapes my brain make always astound me, and can recall the settings well. Dreams really are quite amazing in what they can tell us, and show us.

      Let anyone around here know if you need anything, and welcome again!

      The evening hangs beneath the moon, a silver thread on darkened dune.
      With closing eyes and resting head; I know that sleep is coming soon.

      Upon my pillow, safe in bed,
      A thousand pictures fill my head,

      I cannot sleep , my mids aflight;
      and yet my limbs seems made of lead.
      ---Whitacre's Sleep---

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      Welcome to Dreamviews! It's great to have you. Your dreams sound interesting, especially the impossible architecture.

      You should check out our discord server and chat. https://www.dreamviews.com/news-anno...ml#post2228664

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