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    Thread: Hello Everyone!!

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      Hello Everyone!!

      Hi Folks,

      I m an on and off dreamer. I started the first lucid dream that I remember 10 years ago when Inception came out. and since, I have stopped working on it then came back then stopped again.
      I started back like few month ago, around last October.
      I am happy to have found this community as I believe it s easier when we are a group to support each other on this matter, specially that it s a subject that you don t bring often when you meet people for the first time.

      I joined you to step up and be more regular on my dream work and hopping to have a better frequency and control.

      I can t wait to join classes and be able to work together.

      In the mean time,
      Take care everyone.


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      Welcome to the forum!
      We are usually fairly friendly like any community and somewhat laid back. I hope you have great success in your journey. Good Luck!!
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      Hey Kalios, welcome to the forum! I've found the forum useful in the sense you mention. Having a community to interact with can be great. And it is true, the topic of lucid dreaming is not the first or one I tend to bring up while physically interacting with people, especially those I am not close with. So it is a blessing to have a community like this, and to live in a time where this is even a possibility!

      Best of luck to you on your LD journey
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