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      Hey u recently commented on my post about what do from sleep paralysis to get to a lucid dream, what I was wondering is if I just lay there in paralysis and try to picture a dream scene in my closed eyes will it just form and Iíll pretty much spawn in. If not can u give me any other techniques or just anything, thanks
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    tower of bowser

    by ZenLD on 03-26-2020 at 09:46 PM
    I'd repeated some mantras of positive feelings in bed. I had trouble sleeping but I felt... nirvana? The atoms or electrons in the air just danced and shifted. Then there were triangles of angels just reverberating in the air. I could feel the energy of everything around me. The entirety of everything was all alive. It was like a specific frequency, or combination of frequency that I had to hit to get to this spot, I dropped it and got it back up a couple of times. I did an RC. It was state of sheer ecstasy. I understood some things:

    It is simple to be what you want to be, yet simple isn't always easy. It is easy to be kind, loving, and be in the state of joy and it's just as easy to be depressed and despondent. I will keep it up.

    Blonde guy, violin

    First dream was in a university campus and I was headed for the class inside one of the buildings. I think I went to a class already though.

    +I recall having visited this campus in a dream before, I think twice. That time it was a school trip and we watched a movie and drank a coffee

    After finshing the class and heading out a blonde guy he is hitting on me and tells me something that he'd do if I went with him. It didn't sound that pleasant at the moment so I blew him off. I was headed home or back.

    I was now in a large old mansion like a haunted house. It was just very old wooden and mostly empty and cold. I was with my friend Steven and Y and we were heading deeper into the mansion and we found a desk that had some instructions. It was showing us how to create instruments and we were suppose to follow the instructions. I watched as the other two make their own violin like instrument, Steven made it much better I'd say. But I was distracted and couldn't make my own. Mine was like a ukulele and I just couldn't make it in time. We had to leave here now.

    Heading back to the campus and I began to see the same building with the class. I thought about the blonde guy from before and was now interested in finding him. I mean he looked a bit rough, but I should probably give him a chance right? I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

    I went head and walked towards the right and found a building there. I went inside and there was a huge lecture hall and full of students there. I noticed I probably went to the wrong place and when I tried to go back the way was blocked by people. Something happend, I forget here. I was singled out for some event in this lecture, it was a topic about a new experimental subject, and me and this girl was under scrutiny. I left after and towards the left and going down the stairs and tried to head out here but there were full of girls there that blocked the way. It was mostly black women here though.

    Transfer students/ bowser's tower

    I was among a people or friends here that were new transfer students and I helped them around although I wasn't even sure of the place too much. Their house of residence was a bit to the left and up, from my current spot. We were shopping inside a super market now and was at the cashier getting ready to pay when a random man shows up and he began to molest one of the 2 girls that were transferred here. She majestically kicked him twice and I finished him off with a punch or something but I don't recall exactly what I did now. He ran away and although things were good some policemen showed up. Policemen actually, although the people in the store saw what happend and were on our side, trying to help us, it was obvious that the policemen were called by the jerk from before and he probably had told them that we'd assaulted him. So we went through the door to the left side and tried not to stand out too much. Walking towards the house. We were back at the house and there were other transfer students here.

    There was something we had to do, something I had to do. What did I do here? I can't remember but I had an urge to do something... I remember that I had to find the villian of this story that was like bowser and I went to go defeat him. He came to our residence and I fought him for a brief moment before he got away. We went after him...

    The world was sort of in chaos now. It was getting swallowed up by darkness and to survive we went to climb up the tower. The tower of our villain to survive. Me and my companions managed to make it up first. The tower had no entrance so you had to climb up from the side like mountain climbing and only the top part of it had inhabitable buildings and temple like places. Anyways I got to the top... but now I was the villian.

    I was bowser and I fought our hero and I felt genuine sort of love to the hero. It's like a love of rivalry? Love towards a truly worthy opponent. I felt it and disappeared...

    I was back to being our MC but bowser was gone now... We rested inside one of the buildings atop the tower where there were some beds inside. But bowser was nowhere to be found. Some of the others who had climbed the tower began to get here now but something felt off. Bowser wasn't the one... there were a bunch of cloaked menaces, they were the one behind all this. I sought to find bowser... he was behind a cell. My companions were against this idea but I went for it.

    I had a phone with a pen and a DJ but that DJ was filled so I tried to write on the phone but the phone's color was too blue for my taste. I tried to change the background but had trouble doing so.


    I had 2-3 chances for AP. I felt that perfect state for it but I just didn't react to it fast enough. First 2 times I didn't react in time and the third time I did react in time but used a wrong technique,

    I was lucid during a couple of moments during microawakenings in the bowser saga, but they were all before awakening or during sniplets where my sensations weren't all inside.

    Demon school test

    by ZenLD on 03-26-2020 at 04:10 AM
    Big meat

    Dream about a tan guy cooking big slabs of meat or steaks. No meat dye just natural meatiness getting bbqed.

    I remember thinking about bbq the day before.

    Demon school test

    I was at the demons school and was taking an exam or test. It was a writing exam or memorization thing and I had to move across a super long vertical scroll of texts that ran for like 1km or half a mile. Didn't have time to read it slowly, just tried to memorize in a glance. At the end of the scroll was a different version of the same thing, but were drawn by someone so it was easier to remember. The texts or image was about the history of the demons and how they'd had a big demon invading a city in the past sort of thing. Basically this was all just a history class.

    May be continuation of other demon school dreams.

    Burnt face
    I was in house #25 and ppl came over to play. I saw my gramps downstairs and after eating at the table, he showed me that he had built a pc all by himself. Looking super proud did he, this computer was huge but mostly empty space inside the case. Was about to go play and noticed my face was burnt. Went upstairs to continue my activities though. We played some sort of board game.

    Sliced off shield

    Just recall slicing off bits of shield with wind magic or something similar against a knight that held it. It was the top two corner of the shield.
    Time dilation

    I remember practicing time dilation on a rooftop.

    Movie class

    A class but was watching a movie. I was picked on by some kids but a real cool badass girl in the class came by and rescued me.

    Fly, fist of north, cat

    by ZenLD on 03-25-2020 at 07:37 AM
    Just what I recall from last time

    Book sale

    A book I wanted was on sale for Amazon for 15 bucks

    Fake DJ

    I had a an FA and that I Djed but the letters were rainbow.

    Fist of north

    I saw a guy in 3rd person. The story was about the boy who loved the story about fist of the north star, that I read earlier in the day while awake it was a comedy. I followed him from top view until he was jumping onto a car with mafia bosses inside. There was a sunroof through it and he jumped on it once, twice then went through the sunroof into the car. Around here it becomes first person. I grabbed ahold of the submachine gun from the man in front and shot but the ammos ran out after a couple of shots. There were others preparing to shoot.

    Naya utube

    I had a dream that there were new videos of lucid dreaming stuff on YouTube I browsed through them.

    Fly hwy

    I was on the street somewhere and I got lucid. I decided to fly. I could float or jump, it was more levitate but I kept falling back down so I flapped my arms around to stay up after a couple of attempts. It was like on hwy or near a big street and I found another person flying in the same way that I was.

    House cat elf school

    I was inside a house. It was woody and looked like the apartment from near the mall? There were some guests there some teenage kids playing. I was heading towards the kitchen and found a cat. I recall the cat was white and I gestured for it to come. And it jumped into my arms. I held it like a princess hold lol and it was like rolling around. I went back to others and came back to the kitchen. There were a group of cats and I was feeding them but there was a fat mean cat that might have scratched me.

    I went to the bathroom after that and it appeared to be a public bathroom with many stalls. I saw ppl from earlier and when I left there I was transported then again. It was in sort of a school of magic there with elves and sorts. I think an elf might have been there earlier around the cat scene whom I met in the hall.

    I ended up inside what looked like an old looking school kinda like an old castle and on the upper floor was a private room of some old mage and maybe I was learning stuff from him.

    Theme park song

    I was inside a house maybe similar or same building structure to the one before. But there were some hs kids with their leader that reminded me of Ross from friends. Anyways we were heading to the theme park and stopped by some camp and they showed some kind of movie there and it was all Ross's evil plan to spoil the theme park (which had the same plot as the movie we just watched). We ended up at the park eventually though.

    Some guys began to sing my song that I wrote but in a much more modern way and I decided to sing too. Eventually I was mad that they took credit and chased them. I became a Swamp monster and chased them all and was killed. But it was a fake death.
    Ebay package

    Same house but got a package from ebay for me apparently.

    Probably related to receiving package in wake.

    Life of a farmboy

    It was like a mix of naruto/dbz universe. I watched a story of a protagonist that reminded me of the two story. He was all alone by himself and his Rival was also alone. I just felt the feelings of both parties and and felt compassion for them. I watched our hero go to the farmland of his parents or grandparents and began to farm vegetables. Ony about 10 turnips survived but they were shriveled. First person now. I was now at a market and sold the 10 turnips. A lady commented about how they were good or something.



    by ZenLD on 03-24-2020 at 05:26 AM
    I was half awake on the bed by a noise. I was just lying on the bed and saw bits of "them". They were like jesters but not human, sort of spirit thing.

    I had rest of the dreams taking place inside school. The first bits was with me inside a class and I was helping a teacher teach a class. I think the class was science class and I went for lunch. I saw x there and we were talking about lunch stuff. Later on I headed for the next class. I went to an art class and I wasn't sure if I was good enough at art. I was semi awareo f my thoughts and just went ahead and kept on learning.

    I also remember having really heavy backpacks.


    by ZenLD on 03-23-2020 at 02:46 AM
    I am still training myself to choose how ifeel all day and also trained visualization. I'm getting better.

    Something amazing happened. While visualizing I pushed myself and my brain and eyes hurt and I felt something. It's like my brain got an upgrade or it was just operating differently. Like it changed into a multi processor or like the left and right brain was working together instead of separately now. When I opened my eyes the world looked more 3d.

    I slept in 3 intervals. Lucid moments in first 2. Deilds in the third.

    First moment I find myself in a storehouse that ended swiftly. Second one was similar but don't recall where.

    On the deild I was just lucid immediately. I was inside the house but I somehow knew. Did handstands after checking hands for RC I heard kids (I think it was a little girl). playing upstairs. Got a FA with dj but I relucided myself. There was an office in the bathroom with an office desk facing the mirror and there was some notes on mirror.

    Lucid every dream!

    Updated 03-23-2020 at 02:52 AM by ZenLD