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      Hey u recently commented on my post about what do from sleep paralysis to get to a lucid dream, what I was wondering is if I just lay there in paralysis and try to picture a dream scene in my closed eyes will it just form and Iíll pretty much spawn in. If not can u give me any other techniques or just anything, thanks
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    Recent Entries

    Buddhist temple AP

    by ZenLD on Today at 05:49 AM
    Training in Buddhist temple x2

    Failed ap heard kids playing likely in dream.

    Make me better

    by ZenLD on Yesterday at 03:12 AM
    3-4nld.I was so despondent. So dejected, so discouraged, disheartened, despaired. I thought I didn't get any lucidity 2 days in a row. Well turns out it was only 1 day. But still I felt like giving up. I know I'm getting better, but I wish it was easier and simpler.

    Why can't it be more straightforward. If I needed to do tree pose for an hr straight everyday for lucidity I will do that. If I had to do a thousand jumping jacks then well ill do that too. But what am I suppose to do? I just want it to be easy! I just want it to be easy...

    But I do know the mistakes I made last night. I browsed on the phone too much. I was browsing for a reusable notepad to write down DJ in also himalayan pink salt. Although I meditated quite a bit, I was also exhausted and I probably didn't have the mental clarity in the dream.

    I don't know! I wish I could more easily gauge my progress. I just want to know that my efforts are not in vain. I just want to know that I'm doing it right.

    I just wish my dream will light the path for me... Yeah I know, lay still, I'm getting there but. I just want to know what to do, what to focus on...

    Do I do grc all day? If that will work I can do that.

    Do I focus on MILD and shadow work throughout that? I can do that.

    Do I visualize or incubate the dream I want? I can do that.

    But i just want to know... What to focus on...

    Someone or something guide me... I'm crying for help.

    Light the way, show me a sign
    Dry my tears face my fears
    Left or right ill make it alright
    As long as I got the goal in sight

    The despair in my heart dances wickedly
    Yet I will conquer it definitely
    Left but only clarity
    Practice always sincerely

    Just when... Right when I was about to give up...

    Magic happened because I kept going.

    Make me better than ever before.

    Yay! Now super-omnilucidity!

    Always super-omnilucid dreamer


    Dream about a dragon and something FA into another dream.


    Dream about a crime scene investigated by the police. I'm being unfairly accused, speak up get on with my way. I find the culprit on the top floor of the building. Looks like the tall square library. He's staying in this building and is like a hotel. He had some weapons and drugs laying around. I grab a missile launcher and launch it at him. And I leave the building.

    I'm waking by the river or lake, as I walk away from the building. There is a zombie, kind of an immortal thing thats just hard to kill. I had some drugs from the building and therew it. the zombie just entertained itself endlessly with it. I get away and something about the mafia happens.


    I dream that I'm at a kind gaming tournament. The rooms are like a bowling ball alley without the bowling stuff. I find myself taking care of baby moon. People are targeting the baby and I am running away with the baby. I must keep him alive!


    Always easily omnilucid

    Updated Yesterday at 03:23 AM by ZenLD


    Few fun gamey dreams, good shadowwork

    by ZenLD on 04-17-2019 at 04:44 AM
    pretty fun dreams. Likely many trace memories of long ago. Some recent. Caused likely by ngf. 4-5 days or afternoon? Rem rebound perhaps. Did good shadow work. Time to level up.

    Making snowman


    At a computer lab. I'm playing wc3 tournament or something. There are the big Chinese pros and my hot keys stop working. Call the guys over to fix.

    D lu
    Zombies in subways fighting them off. Meet a nice little girl she might be important part of subconscious feel close to her. I am lucid. I embrace her. There is a guy he approaches us. Get a little excited, worried about waking.

    The little girl might be part of me.

    Wake into FA. In subway waiting or on train. I'm a mess, false dream memory that I fell asleep here. Guy across tells me I got something on my face. Wipes.

    I meet some cool guy we hang around for an afternoon. We meet young king of a desert country. We hangout and I try to make him some sausages. He loves it but I think it can get better. Tells him to come back again nex time ill make better sausage.

    Fear of waking put me in FA. Just relax.


    I'm a character from a game, d2. I had modded items and they were bugged after patch.
    Something about scary plants that grew in desert, had to fight against them.

    Could be homeland of the king from last Dream. Memory of games long ago.

    I am traveling with my mom in car. It's downtown and the traffic is bad. I think about using a portal and how that would be much faster.

    Maybe just memories of how bad traffic is in downtown areas.

    Back to plot about desert plants i guess. I find a shrine, meet a light goddess(or spirit) of sorts. Who is granting me blessings.

    I go around to defeat orcs and other corrupted creatures.

    I discover a dungeon or hidden entrance. It is a shrine of a dark goddess. I suppose Sister of the other one. She gives me dark power. Realizes I have the other blessing and is ok with working together despite differences.

    I go to the light goddess and she is furious. Crimson with anger that I'm working with the dark. Dark one was nicer.


    Light and dark. Yin and yang. I wanted to learn about yin Yang fusion so could be incubated.

    Perhaps feelings about people who preach goodness without the actions


    Relax. I guess I didn't wake. But

    Try to be more aware just as awake. FA was too realistic visually though.

    Shadow work was super today. Expecting super results.


    Trying meditating sitting on bed.

    Always do shadow work.

    Always omnilucid!

    Just keep going

    by ZenLD on 04-16-2019 at 04:28 AM
    Had 3 nightmares no Ld. Few hypnogigic that almost were dream or Ld but missed

    Ate too much at wbtb, may have affected dreaming.

    Maybe from trying to learn new skill, not giving 100% to practice. Weather was bad, couldn't go outside.

    Maybe affected by slight change in mantra. Will do both versions.

    Need to do more shadow work, I felt very small doubt last night that grew today.

    Grc, shadow work, mild, visualization.

    I felt very frustrated. Decided to persist though since it always bounce back with the best results.

    Keep going!

    Be Always omnilucid!

    Dreams days long, no time to expand.

    Dream apartment, wild animal cat racoon that jumped at me dodged and it fell of balcony.

    May be fears regarding animals.

    Friend Mike seaweed mask coconut bits. Refund at store. Heading home up the hill with group. Went too far up. Going back down the hill girl feels bad send her in teleporter. Keep heading down get separated with some friends I'm with Mike.

    Find group of ppl random foods tools for survival. Girl takes my supply. I go after it's maze. We form groups for survival.

    In the end get ancient survivors revive them.

    Could be incubated coco bits from earlier in the day.

    Survival perhaps related to fears of how people are against each other.

    Playing a game goblin and ghoul style. Final boss. Went to backroom. Thougjt I failed. FA my mother wakes tells me I was groaning in bed. Something about oldest cousin doing good.

    Likely bad memory about the time I got abused because I fell asleep at someone else's house.

    Learning from mistakes

    by ZenLD on 04-14-2019 at 08:45 PM
    Short Ld and failed ap. Slept too late, I think that affected Ld alot. Was overwhelmingly tired in dreams, hard to get lucid. Will add detail to DJ if i want to expand dream mapping.

    Notes :
    Try to sleep earlier

    Avoid heavy mental activity before bed, made me tired inside dream (do it earlier)

    Focus on destination or thing when vibrations, relax though

    Lay still

    Keep it up, youre getting better. I know I did bad but still could get lucid.

    + I think glitchiness and tiredness may be connected. Trauma? Could be a good thing.

    Remember to touch wall or ground when weak.

    +remember to use "rewind" ability in lucid dreams.

    My thoughts maybe overwhelmed = tired. Thought about learning new things before bed.

    SC, donkey kong friend.

    Could just be memories from past that created this. Friend became the game character.

    Class room hanging out with ppl. We eat food and stuff. I need to go to bathroom. vegeta, fused with huge zombie guy, cut him apart. Vegs underling short Alien creates 2 blackhole for him. Talking about infinite worlds inside them. (I think I'm in veg pov towards the end)

    Could be incubated, tried using funny visualization along with mantra to make it easier to remember. Pretty long.

    School was structured like the one in Japan. Bathrooms at both ends of hallways.

    D3 lucid
    Starts out with clear but just visualization, micro wake about subway. Eventually finds a narrow blocked cemented entrance i crawl under and get a little stuck. MA.

    Find myself in a beat up house connected to subway. Figured an old guy lived here but they wanted to build subway here.

    Memory about subway.

    Memory /fear of getting stuck in narrow places.

    Are these 2 separate dreams?

    2d rpg like game ff series. Was in a town with chests. Gets into dark castle. Decide to save and load but get back to town. Chests unopened sad about losing save state. Game glitches. Faces a broken lady with every character max dmg to all.

    Maybe memory of losing save states.

    Glitch in the dream were scary before. This one not really. Maybe getting better.

    I rewound the dream because I felt like it. Did the dream get mad because of that?

    AP fail
    Wake kind of can see through eyelids. Maybe already outside body /FA. Get vibrations, focus was wrong. And just get strong vibrations. Felt good though.

    Should focus where I want to be or what I want to instead.
    Or maybe should have tried to touch wall or crawl during vision

    Updated 04-14-2019 at 09:06 PM by ZenLD