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    Thread: greetings and salutations!.. is this what lucid dreaming is?

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      Red face greetings and salutations!.. is this what lucid dreaming is?

      i like the heathers movie lol, anyway..

      hi, i was listening to spiders by system of a down and hitting my dab pen, sativa just to preface.

      to preface once again lol i am currently tripping out (kinda fading away now), and the reason i am here is because i asked google why am i having prolonged deja vu.

      i just wanted to see if i wasn't going crazy or if other people may be experiencing similar situations. so i've read a couple of introductions and am having a very relieving reality check. i have very bad anxiety, and i used to make fun of people who i thought were faking their anxiety! now i'm having second thoughts. anyway, hello everyone, i'm so relieved to be here. i was getting deja vu for about 30 minutes which felt surreal as heck!! i was having a bit of an anxiety attack and a couple minutes later i saw a chunk of hair get pulled off by me combing my fingers through it which happened about 10 minutes ago lol.. i had to look in the mirror and comb my hair several times to convince myself i wasn't seeing things, as of now i can't see the hairs on my pajama button up where i swear they had fallen to. now i'm here!

      my question is, is this what lucid dreaming is? i've seen posts where people are experiencing the ability to control their surroundings in a fictional sense as if they were dreaming so i'm not sure if my experience counts as LD or i'm experiencing something else. also, i was not in any way trying to purposely induce the trip i had, i was just vibing to some korn and hit the pen once while playing video games. i had been sober for 2 days and i was just so freaked out and eventually ended up here. it said heavy hitters on the box maybe that should've warned me LOL (my sessions usually involve one hit per hour and a half with this cart).

      my trip literally just involved me recalling a dream of me seeing every exact detail happen in a game for 30 minutes straight, from the avatars of the players in my game to their voices and exact movements.. it felt like extremely bizarre deja vu, so creepy..

      now a little about me and my habits, i smoke just about every night, the most i'll go without smoking in a week is about 2 to 3 days on average. i just turned 20 in august and i'm a semi-broke college student that is kind of depressed but lives in a not too strict religious mexican household (i have my freedoms lol) and i'm so relieved to be here!

      i look forward to seeing if anyone replies to this post, i may join the discord so if anyone is out there that uses it or sees this let me know! i find it fascinating that there are people like me and i've read experiences that seem way more horrifying or a little less horrifying than my own experiences. i also see some other people out there have a good relationship with lucid dreaming, that sounds awesome to me you guys are cool, it's amazing what the human brain is capable of!

      take care <3
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      Hello! I'm Lang!! Welcome to the forum!!

      What is Lucid Dreaming? Lucid dreaming is simply the knowledge that you are dreaming while dreaming. Nothing more, nothing less.

      In other words, during a normal night's dream, you "wake up" inside the dream, and understand, with complete certainty, that everything you are experiencing is a dream. You know that you're dreaming during the dream.
      This is in contrast to standard dreams, where we don't realize it was a dream until we wake up. Most non-lucid dreams are a case of mistaken identity—we assume the dream is real until we wake up and realize it was all a dream.
      With lucid dream control:
      One common misunderstanding is that lucid dreaming is the same as controlling your dreams. However, lucid dreaming and dream control are two separate skills.
      Generally, dream control is a skill that you learn after you have developed the ability to become lucid in your dreams.

      Hope that helps!!


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