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    Thread: Welcome New Members!

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      Welcome New Members!

      Hi everyone!

      If you’re reading this then you’ve found the #1 website for anything and everything Lucid Dreaming! On behalf of Staff, welcome to DreamViews. We hope your stay is a long and pleasant one, and we hope that the friends you find are lasting.

      It’s great that you’ve taken the time to read this sticky, which is filled will helpful links that will help you find your way around the site. Right now, you are in the Newbie Zone. Here, you can introduce yourself, meet new people, and settle into the community.

      From here you can click on the links below that will help you understand:

      ·The different sections on Lucid dreaming that we have to offer
      ·The inner workings of your User Control Panel
      ·The 2 popular programs we feature on the site; the Adoption Program and the Lucid Task of the Month
      ·Rules and regulations
      ·Chat, the main site, and the Tutorial Section
      ·How to reach any member of the Dream Guide Team

      Learning Lucid DreamingSite InformationLucid Dreaming Sections - On Topic
      Main Site


      So just sit back and have fun! And if you have any questions, feel free to PM anyone of us with green stars

      The Dream Guide Team
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      Here are a few other helpful links as well.

      • Acronym List - A list of all the acronyms commonly used throughout Dreamviews.

      • User Tutorials -Tutorials that have been created by members of our wonderful site.
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