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      Question on Hypnosis (files)

      Hello, I listen to hypnosis files every now and then because I find them entertaining. I was wondering if you're supposed to visualize what the hypnotist is describing or just listen, and not be analytical.

      Oh, and on that note, I get mucus buildup on my throat and have to swallow when listening to long recordings, taking me out of trance whenever I do, anyone got any ideas about that issue, it's probably the largest problem I've got with hypnosis files. :c

      Thank you for anyone who responds. :3
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      Well thank you for thanking me for responding. Hehe. Nice track record by the way. You could look into some herbs to prevent mucups. Mullein is pretty good and maybe peppermint. You can heat them and breathe in the airthat is released to clean ur lungs or drink a tea. Have you tought about asking ur doctor? I mean ur family doctor. not a doctor. the guy who has probably seen ur peepee when u was little

      In my experience with hypnosis is to just go with the flow of the mind. I do not pay too much attention to visualizing exactly what is said because it is distracting. If I can just kind of let the mind wander and do it's own thing a lot of the time it will move in accordance with the hypnosis but just slightly different with my own mindtwist to it so to speak.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

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