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      Apartment neighbor problems continuing. Help.

      I've finally decided to move in January after everything that's been going on in this apartment complex. The latest problem has been two of my neighbors below me. I think they must be in a knocking and slamming the door war.

      Multiple hours each day, one of them goes from their apartment and back again. Probably two dozen times during the afternoon to evening hours. The doors slamming make me feel like a small earthquake is happening.

      I've been putting up with this for a few days, trying to see if everything will resolve itself. One group of neighbors is polite an approachable while the other has twice nearly hit me with their car (older couple) acts like a speed demon in the parking lot.

      The group that is approachable are the teens. They are very friendly but leave trash out for a few days at a time on their porch. (This is the frequent door slamming group)

      The neighbors directly below me (the older couple) slam drawers right below my bedroom which is the shared wall on the lower level between them and the teens.

      I've tried the white noise machine route and it doesn't help. I finally had enough today and stomped extremely hard(close enough on top of both apartments in hopes both groups would get the idea)

      Is this something I could bring the police in for? It's after quiet hours. We don't have security and management has basically said they won't do anything.

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      Calling the police would be over the top. Try asking management to take care of it once more. Or maybe set something up so that you, one of your neighbors, and a representative from management acting as a mediator) can hash out an agreement?

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      Maybe you could try getting to know your neighbors a bit? I'm sure it's really the last thing you want to do, but if you befriend them, or at least act kindly enough towards them, perhaps they may be willing to reach a resolution. It's always possible that this won't work, but seeing as how you have exhausted the other reasonable options so far, it seems worth a shot. Maybe invite them over for coffee or dinner, or ask them what their interests are and kind of form a psuedo-friendship (who knows, it might turn out to be a real friendship) in order to kind of get them to act more considerate of their neighbors.

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      Management has to do something. This isn't acceptable behavior in an apartment building. You're paying them and they aren't doing their job. But as for white noise, might I recommend earmuffs, like the ones people wear at firing ranges? I have a $20 pair of Peltors, and they're a godsend. They can't help with the shaking, though.

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