Facebook is talking a lot about
the Muslim massacre in New Zealand

Then my Facebook friend, Carolyn Cordon,
Shared THIS article


Everyone should read this guide
about what to do if you see Islamophobia

Posted*Wednesday 4 April 2018
11:30*by*Narjas Zatat*in*people

For those who do witness Islamophobia,
there’s a number of things you can do.*

Marie-Shirine Yener, a 22-year-old Parisian illustrator, created a guide to give people advice on how they can help Muslims who are being harassed.

She based her strategy on "non-complementary behaviour" – a concept in psychology which aims to disrupt an oppressive connection a potential attacker is attempting to establish with the target.

1. Talk to the victim, ignore the attacker.✔

2. Talk about something random.✔

3. Continue to engage the Muslim man/woman in conversation, building a safe space as you ignore the attacker.✔

4. Stay with them until the attacker leaves, and escort them to a neutral area.✔


Here is a link to the full article