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      Question Lucidity apps

      Hello DV,

      recently I joined the smartphone owners club and one of the major reasons I got one was to use Lucid Dreaming apps.
      Now I've used Awoken for some time and I am pretty satisfied with it's RC and DJ function, but I was wondering:

      Are there any (Android) apps that will help me with the LDing itself? (Mostly referring to WILD)
      I've heard about binaural beats or short alarms that will help you perform a DEILD but I haven't really been finding them so far.
      I hope some of you can help me with this issue, since I really want to learn to WILD since DILD has only given me very short and very 'buggy' LDs.


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      Nice, welcome to the club

      I've used Awoken, it's good. Although I recently downloaded an app called Lucidity which I think is even better, here's a thread about it: http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-aids...ms-update.html

      A good alarm app that I use is Alarm Clock Plus, you can set the alarms to auto turn off. I think alarms can wake you up to harshly though, which can hurt recall and make it hard to go back to sleep. Sageous goes into better detail about it here: http://www.dreamviews.com/wild/13205...wo-timing.html

      You can use intention and mantras to wake up at certain times, or you could use an alarm until you get in the habit of waking up at that time. If you need an alarm for work or school it could be a backup in case intention and mantras fail.

      I would suggest doing both WILD and DILD, that way even when you don't WILD you still have a chance of getting a DILD. Plus a lot of the DILD training helps with the overall aspects of lucid dreaming. DILDs are only short and buggy in the beginning, they get better and longer each time.

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      Hi and welcome.

      For alarm I use Caynax Alarm. I've tried several alarms and it's my favourite. I installed it to set an alarm that would switch off after 15 seconds. It also allows you to set alarms on specific days, not just "weekends" or "mon-fri", but also select specific days on the calendar, or configure complex alarms like "once every 2 days wake me up earlier".

      I also have a binaural beats app but I tried it a couple of times only. One of the times I started to see colors and feel my eyes moving after some seconds listening... I guess I was tired, but it seems to work. You can also search for youtube videos with audio, there are many of them. I used to listen to one that in the last 15-20 minutes a voice said "you're dreaming.... you're dreaming....". Anyway it didn't work as I always woke up with the volume changes.

      Good luck.

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