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      Question Need help from lucid aid pros

      -Edit: i have just discovered a book called Advanced Lucid Dreaming: the Power of Supplements. Seems exactly what i was looking for, ill be reading this throughly. Wish i found it before starting this thread-

      Was wondering if anyone here familiar with supplements and herbs would be able to give me some advice. Ive been in the process of training myself to remember my dreams with the ultimate goal of becoming lucid and then mastering the skill to a degree.

      After a week of not much success i decided to try noopet and choline (had some laying about from an old nootropic stack), i took 30mg noopet (10mg morning, lunch then before bed) and had an extremely vivid dream which i remembered well and recorded in my DJ, so success? Maybe or just coincidence.

      Today i have received in the post some Mexican dream herb (Calea Zacatechichi), vitamin B6 and l-tyrosine. I cant decide whether to try again with my noopet choline combo, to try the Mexican dream herb or the b6 + l-tyrosine. Maybe a mix of all? I also have pramiracetam laying about which ive read can help but dont want to just swallow a collection of things incase they dont mix well, i have googled intensely but find nothing about these combos.

      Anyone have experience with these and can guide me in the right direction? Im not trying to skip the hard work in favour of drugs, im just looking for a head start so i can at least get better at recall and maybe experience my first LD which should shorten the learning curve involved if you have already experienced what your trying to induce?

      Aswell as the above im also meditating as much as i can and meditated today about the vivid dream i had last night. Im performing reality checks, keeping a drean journal (mostly empty), reading books, watching videos pretty much my entire life is focused on this subject lately.
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