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    Thread: Reality Check Reminders for Android

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      Reality Check Reminders for Android

      Always got your phone in your hand, but can't remember to reality check? This app may help. Disclaimer: I am not an app developer, and I am not responsible if your phone crashes, gains sentience, bursts into flames, etc. That said, there's nothing that can really go wrong that I'm aware of, and it's been running on my phone for over a week while being tweaked. I used Tasker to create this app and it requires very little permissions and system resources. Now down to business.

      This is a simple app designed to remind me (and you too, if you choose) to reality check throughout the day. Every 15 minutes the app generates random numbers that are used to determine whether it gives a notification or a toast message, and which message it gives. There are a total of 7 possible notifications (with vibration and notification sound), and 5 possible toast messages that would flash across the screen if it's on. The toast messages are the same as 5 of the notifications.

      Note: This app has no interface, you simply hit 'open' after installing, forget about it, and it does its thing. To stop the app you must go to your application manager and force stop or uninstall. This is not on Google Play because I never really meant for it to go beyond my own phone (and I don't know how to do all that), so you'll have to have Unknown Sources enabled in your security settings. You may have to restart the app manually after rebooting your phone; mine automatically loads previous apps.

      Ideally, you'll be seeing notifications approximately every 1.5-2.5 hours (toast messages more frequently, if your screen is on), however due to the way it works you can theoretically receive them every 15 minutes or only once a day. If you try this let me know what you think, but I won't make any guarantees that I'll develop it any further than its current state. Hopefully someone finds a use for it. If you're curious about how it works under the hood, I can go into greater detail on request.

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