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      Brain Wave Music

      Hey there, thanks for reading. I'm just wondering if anyone here has used brain wave music or binaural beats to increase their lucidity. If so, I'd love to hear about your experience. I personally tried them yesterday and had some vivid dreams but no lucidity. Since this isn't out of the ordinary, I don't think I can attribute it to the binaural beats. Thanks for any input on the subject of brain wave music,


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      Hey ..
      Well i actually trained with binaural beats for a month everyday and it does helps, but my intentions were for astral projection.

      What i can say is, you won't sleep faster if you are not tired.
      You will fall asleep faster if you are tired.
      Its always to lucid dream without any equipment because it might disturb you even in your lucid dream experience or make it shorter than usual.

      Anyways there are many type of beats people can use to lucid dream, i personally had nice LD with this:

      Flute - even relaxier tool with drums binaural beats.

      I Also listen sometimes to ones like this:
      Positive affirmations make you feel more relaxed and helps you not get disturbed.

      Good luck mate, best times to LD are after u wake up directly, or after work when you are tired and wanna take a nap - > jump into bed and relax consciously assuming you are ready for a lucid dream .

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      I've just recently got back into dreaming (as my recall has been next to zero for the last few years due to smoking), and have just downloaded a binaural beats app which includes a few lucid dreaming frequencies--supposedly. My dreams aren't that vivid at the moment so I'll try it out to night and see if it makes them more vivid at the very least. I'll let you know, particularly if it somehow makes me dream lucidly!
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