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    Thread: Reputable Source of Galantamine

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      Reputable Source of Galantamine

      I'm looking to try Galantamine, but I want to make sure I'm getting the real stuff when I buy it and not some fake ripoff. I've heard good things about Galantamind on Amazon, but the lowest quantity they sell is 90 capsules and I don't want to buy that many before I know it works for me. Can anyone clue me in to another reputable source that you can vouch for which sells in lower quantities? It can include the Choline or not, I'm willing to buy that separately. Thanks in advance.
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      check out dreamamins dot com. for better price. Nver tried them but heard about them, still can't vouch for them.

      I have pure Galantamine by Relentless Improvement from amazon. 100% success with them, once a week. I'm taking it with alpha GPC. Alpha GPC can be used as a trigger by itself.

      I'm sure you know this but I'll mention it for beginners. Supplements are not a shortcut. They will not give you a lucid. They will HELP you in getting one IF you already know how to.
      Happy dreams

      I should add, that when I had time to WILD every day, I used to get long chains without any supplements almost every or every other try. So I'm not sure if now it's the GM that's giving that success.

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