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      Misc. Material

      Here goes all material and stuff written that has no place to go. It may or may not ever end up in the final project. Most likely topics which are popular with authors will be cobbled together so everyone can be a part of it.

      To make sure we don't have 20 people writing about dream control and 1 person writing about history, it's better to just speak up in the writer's thread about what you want to write about ahead of time instead of posting what you want to write first. That way everyone will get a chance at authorship and we won't have 20 pieces of writing saying the same basic things.

      However, if you have something that doesn't fit in the chapter list so far and you have already written it or want to make sure it goes somewhere, you may post it here and we'll try to fit it in somewhere.


      Hehe Well I'm on at my girlfriend's house and I havn't got much time, so I'll type up my quick introduction and as much as I can now, hopefully you'll able to see what I'm going for from this

      Astral Projection- An introduction to your mind.
      "They" say that you only use 10 percent of your brain's actual capability, or something stupid like that, you may already know that's a myth based on the usage of local neurons. In reality, your brain use 100 percent of it at all times, whether you're taking a relaxing bath, skydiving or working out a complex equation- it will never fail you to process everything it possibly can, sadly, you just cannot see it.

      Consider that when I use the word "you", I'm talking about that 10% of brain-power we hear so much about, that's the part which we have been trained to use day-in, day-out. The subconcious of your brain seems to be the 90% we cannot readily use- the lightning fast and limitless calculator which resides so quietly inside your head, ticking away at all times, processing vast amounts of information otherwise incomprehendable to "you".

      Imagine yourself standing with closed eyes upon a podium of some sort, overlooking many people from different backgrounds and origins, opinions and beliefs, interests and personalities, all of which are expressed through their clothing, expressions and overall general appearances, then you open your eyes to those people for a single second- despite what you may think, your subconcious will notice every single one of the individuals and roughly sum up their emotions, races and personalities right then and there.

      Evolution has brought us humans to develop the part of the brain which we use today- the one that gave us the wit to fly planes, build bridges over water and more simply- the wheel; our race is unique in comparison to all other life on earth, that's where our trained conciousnessness brought us, but maybe it's time for us to fire-up some usage of that almighty sublime of ours, the one that is arguably capable of predicting the future- by expressing a strong interest in lucid dreaming, forms of visionary practice and dedicating an aim of tuning into the knowledge of yourself and your mind, you could do just that.

      Astral Projection- An introduction to itself
      Astral Projection often comes explained in the form of (lucid)dreaming, you may have often heard the term OOBE or OBE (short for "Out (of) Body Experience").
      Astral Projection often spans along the concept that whilst you are in a dream-like state you can separate your mind (spirit, soul or essence) from your body and pass through the waking, past or future world of which you live in. There are also many variations including an exploration from your own self to as far as the boundaries of the universe but I shall not go into too much detail about these claims as they make it difficult for themselves to adhere to scientifical explanation- which is my intent throughout this whole tutorial.

      Firstly, to clear up any ideas of superstition before I begin with the topic of astral projection- several things may be noted:-
      • There is a lot of disbelief upon the subject, many people who have heard of this practice rarely admit there's truth to it (much like lucid dreaming itself) but this originates mainly from the claims of people who have done it- paranormal and spiritual explanation normally deter newcomers.
      • This guide will try to explain astral projection in as great scientific detail as possible, avoiding the idea that this form of dreaming is an actual separation of the mind from the body.
      • As mentioned earlier in the first part of this guide, your subconcious mind is very powerful and as such is capable of conjuring up a realistic scenario of reality itself, after all, it's main purpose is to calculate the most effective set of paths as you go through life. This is where I believe astral projection starts when you are dreaming- stopping yourself from slipping into a fictional realm of dreams as you fall asleep and forcing your mind to visualize a large connection of factual variables created by your mind will essentially produce a close to realistic dreamworld in which you can work with.

      there's more to come, ill be back later to finish typing up haha, taking a quick break ^.^

      Thanks, Jim.

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      Misc. Material

      Duplicate post...yay.
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