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      Question Lucid dreams from my childhood

      Hey guys, I've just foung this website and would like to share some experience from my childhood with you, and then maybe get some kind of explenation from you...

      It first started when I was really young, I dont know if I can say that I had around 3 or maybe even less years when it stated. My parents always sent me and my sister early to bed as paretns often do, and I recall always having problems falling asleep, usually after 2 houers or even more(I often felt asleep after my prents went to bed)

      I started having what you propably call lucid nightmares. Almost every night, I would wake up(in my dream, I was already dreaming) at around 1-3 Am when my parent where already in their beds. I would just get out of my bed and start walking towards my parents bed. The whole flat was dark(thats also the reason why I was allways afraid of dark when I was a child).
      The closer I was getting to my paretns room, the more something was pulling me back to my room, some kind of invisible hands, wind. And finally when I was almost in their room, just almost crossing the doorstep, it just started slowly dragging me back to my room in the air. All the time I was able to think normally as I would in my real life. I was trying to shout at my parents, but the sound would not come out of my mouth, (just imagine trying to shout as loud as you can but all that comes out is like a sillent whistelling or so). As the invisble thing started fragging me back to my room I started hearing voices from them(the invisible creatures), it was really creapy.
      Than they would finally drag me back to my room, close the doors, and then it was like plenty of invisible creaures started touching me, kind of tickeling me but in a negative kind of way.(this feeling propably came from when my father always used to tickle me untill it reached a certain point when I just couldnt say anything...it was nice with my father thought because i knew i was safe but when i experienced smthng. like this in a nightmare it was just terrible, but still fetl as if it was for reall) it was such a feeling that I just cant describe.I was trying to defend myself but it was just impossible. All the time I was saying to my self that I want to wake up because I knew it was a dream, I was always trying to close and open my eyes in the dream in order to wake up but I was still there.

      Bum... then finally I would open my eyes, It would be like 1-3 AM, and i would be lying all sweaty and often shaking fom fear in the same place, as where the dream just ended, where the creatures kept touching me and speaking.
      At that time it was just so strong that I would still think after waking up that the creatures are still there. I then wanted to shout at my mother to come because I was so frightened, but I was just too scared to shout, so often after maybe half an houer of hasitating I would quietly shout at my mother, untill she finally heard it and came.

      But sometimes, what I really dont understand, after calling on my mother, something would just grap me out of my bed, drag me in the air through the whole falt and than frew me back to my bed...and then suddenly my mum would appera in the room and finally layed with me in my bed(the mother was for real ...she really came because i really called her before, but its like in those few seconds before she would come, I would get a few second nightmare again )
      And now that I am 18 I still dont understand some of those thing that happened at that time, for example the thing with the second quick dream or whatever it was after i called on my mother.

      Now dont htink that I am crazy or something, but to me its such a mystery that every time I say it to someone they just freak out. the funny think is that whenever we would visit lets say my grandmother, the same nightmare with the same point, dragging me to a dark room and then touching me and so on... would happen to me just with the cahnge that it would happen in my grandmothers house.

      those dreams where just so real, all the feeling and everything but i just could not escape those dreams, the scenario, untill I was like 6 and it kind of ended in the way that I would fight with one of those creatures with some kind of saw or something and somehow from that point on I just lost the fear and the dreams stopped, they maybe appeared a few times than but it wasnt what it used to be anymore.

      I didnt have these lucid nightmares strictly everynight, sometimes i had other nightmares with different sceanrios, or I would also have good dreams where I would juts think normally as i would in real life. In some of the "other" nightmres i would often start smashing my head against a wall or just jump out of the balcony because I knew it was a dream and that i would wake up If i dyed ....because I wasnt able to wake up just like that.

      There is just so much more I could tell you about these dreams from my childhood but that would be too much, anyway It was such a different exerience,either good or bad when I woke up from a lucid dream, when i will compare it with my nowdays waking up.

      Now I am 18, I just have normal dreams now, maybe because I dont sleep that much as I did when I was a child.
      Anyway is it normall to have dreams at arounf 1-3 AM?I mean those special nightmares i had as a child ...
      And what would you recomend me If i wanted to get back to lucid dreaming, ofcourse i dont want the nightmares but just want to have a bit more interesting life...maybe more sleeping?I should hopefully have it easier to get back to lucid dreams as I already had them...But honestly at the time the dreamworld was just as another wold. something really interesting.

      sry for the english I am from Slovakia

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      Ok for the first part about a nightmare of trying to go somewhere but getting pushed back, I have had a similar experience in which I try to open the door to my room but it forces me back. The second part where you would think you are awake and call your mother could be a number of things. It could have been a false awakening in which you just thought you woke up but in reality you were still in an extreamly realistic dream of your bedroom. You said that due to fear you stayed still after waking up? Another possibility is that your staying still immediately after waking up put you in sleep paralysis which would definitely explain the experience of being taken away you described.

      If you dont know what it is, sleep paralysis is basicly the onset of REM atonia while you are still aware. The average person either doesnt have it or doesn't remember it but it is still "normal". You can read more about it all over the WILD forum and tutorials.

      As for how to get back into lucid dreaming, I would try out the different techniques you can find in the tutorial section and see which ones you like. Meditation can help you focus, which can help regardless of what method you choose. Good luck.

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      cool explanation...I will be definitelly working on getting my lucid dreams back and then I will share with you some of my experience

      good night

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