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      After a few months since my last LD ive finally had one, wich included all the changes happend in my life recently, but thats beside the point, ive had my 5th lucid dream and decided to share.

      I was at my work just walking around when something came to my mind. I must be dreaming, I thought. So the first thing I did was spin a few rounds to increase lucidity (wich didn't quite work, lol). It came to my mind that i've always wanted to fly so thats what I did. Also flying didn't quite work out so what I did was I grew a ''jet-pack'' out of my back and flew away. I then dreamed about school and the halls. I was in a hall walking around, I had lost my lucidity at this point. I saw people walking and realised that I was walking like a dog of some sort. This gave me my lucidity back. I remember shouting:''INCREASE LUCIDNESS'' or something in that area. I've done some fun things, but I lost them.

      The reason for not knowing atleast 3/4 of the whole dream is because it only came to my mind while reading a book. it said:''This is only just a nightmare, I will wake up in my bed at any moment''. Then I looked up outside the window and it hit me. I was lucid this night again.

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      Keep focused and recall on what it feels to be lucid, you will have more and more!

      Feel free to drop me a PM if you have questions and also, I invite you to take a look to our Wiki. You will find a lot of good stuff there!
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      Awesome dream. What did it feel like to grow the jet pack out of your back?

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      Great succuss, high five! (<^_^<)

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