So I was walking around a coffee shop considering what items to order when I realized I was wearing headphones. I never wear headphones.... I become lucid. In typical lucid fashion I discard the headphones, and take a giant leap across the room before kicking a hole in the glass wall (yes, the walls were made out of glass). I wander around the parking lot for a while before my vision starts to fade. I spin, and become aware of myself in my bed, unable to move.

Condensed version: I fall into sleep paralysis after a normal lucid dream.

So anyways instead of the normal creepy whisperings or random insanity, I hear internal dialogue. It would be indistinguishable from normal thinking if it wasn't about twice as loud and not voluntary. The voice in my head tells me with a calming tone to visualize wherever I want to go. I do so, picturing a nice forest overlooking a valley, and it appears in front of me. If that weren't sweet enough, it was ultra vivid from the start, and probably lasted another 20-27 minutes.