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      Not remembering LDs?

      How could you know you had a LD without remembering it?

      well, I woke up, wrote down all of the dreams that I could remember I had last night then went on with my regular morning schedule. Then, when I was brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror and remembered that I had a LD. But I just remember waking up in the dream and thinking good, you didn't freak out and wake up, now do the RC and try to remember what your supposed to do (which was talk to DCs, I'm very interested in them) but I don't know if i remembered or not, that's where my memory ends. But it's weird, like a part of my day I only kind of remember cause I was busy thinking about something.

      So, how do I fix this? I haven't had much luck lately with people answering my questions so please do.

      EDIT: I have a dream journal.
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      You don't know. That's the point of keeping a dream journal and using autosuggestion.

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      Keep a dream journal and write down the dream in it.
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