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      Walking through Walls and entering the Internet

      I've recently learned how to walk through walls and objects, which has produced some interesting effects.

      I first learned out of curiosity; what would happen if I tried to put my hand through this wall?
      At first it wouldn't yield, but after willing my hand through, it yielded in such a way where it felt like I was actually putting my hand through an object; there was resistance, and I felt that if I didn't maintain my control, my hand would be shunted out or stuck there.
      I turned around and saw a computer on a desk. I curiously held out my hand and willed it through, with the same effect and more; I could feel and hear electric charge as I did this.

      I pulled my hand out and had this sudden, inexplicable urge to 'enter' the internet, or the computer. Normally I am all for epic dream-adventures and such, but when I put my hand in and felt a tug at my being, I suddenly felt an odd fear, as if by doing this I might not ever come back out. I don't know if this was a good fear, something to be listened to, but ever since that night I've yearned to go back and check it out regardless.

      Has anybody else entered 'The Internet' in their Lucid Dreams?
      What are your experiences if you have?

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      No, but it sounds like a good idea, the "fear" sounds interesting, one time I wanted too see myself in the mirror, I was in my house but was scared to go into the bathroom, I knew a mirror was there, but i've heard of people seeing horrible distortions in the mirror, I looked and it was fine

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      I haven't tried to enter the Internet. I did try to go through a TV once, but it didn't lead anywhere (my DJ entry describing that experience is here). I'm currently working on improving my ability to walk through things in dreams. My most recent DJ entry on the subject is here; from there, you can get to all my entries that are tagged with "intangibility."
      Short-term lucid goals: [X] Move an object with my mind [ ] Create a portal and use it to get to a dream scene of my choice [ ] Meet one of my book characters

      Long-term lucid goals: [ ] Visit the Dream World Academy [ ] Make a building appear at will [ ] Change my appearance to disguise myself as someone else [ ] Find the end of a rainbow

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      I fell like if I was to enter the Internet, I would find a place filled with ugly trolls, lots of sex, an "anonymous" 4chan land, and advertisement everywhere... Not sure I want to go there... lol. But that's because of my perception of it. Don't let it stop you... the sex might be good enough to compensate! Lol

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